Monday, October 12, 2009

Elitist Dennis Moore is an expert on white trash

I have to condemn a recorded comment made by elitist Dennis Moore pertaining to a fellow disabled veteran and congressional candidate, Daniel Gilyeat. Moore must be incredibly concerned to be making horrible comments this early in the election cycle.  And to threaten a democratic Hispanic from WYCO with your alleged 7 million is offensive to the entire Hispanic community.  I am assuming your comment was to Mr. Soto.  I have had some of Moore's staff people even tell me Moore considers himself to be an elitist.  Ask them.  Better, ask Moore himself.

Uusally, the mean-spirited Moore waits closer to the election before he starts spewing his venom.  (We remember Kris Kobach).  And Dennis, since your congressional quarterly is due on October 15, I certainly hope you report that seven million you have to defeat the "white trash". 

You better be concerned Mr. Moore.  You made enough political blunders this election cycle (like support for Cap and Trade; as well as supporting mandated health insurance) to make all of us a tad bid concerned about your intellectual instability.

I do not have to address the incumbent's weaknesses.  He seems to be doing a better job destroying his campaign hopes for 2010.  So I can remain focused on what a congressman is really supposed to be doing.

I merely wonder who Moore got the 7 million from?  Maybe the 7  million was in corruption from the  financial services, real estate and drug and health insurance industries.  Just like in your other campaign finance reports.  Same old Dennis- the real "white trash-do anything to get elected" Moore. 

To Mr. Gilyeat, a fellow veteran:  Welcome to the campaign from a fellow vet. Call me. 

We can beat this yahoo in 2010.  He is the real "white trash."  You and I together as fellow veterans and congressional candidates can be the "brothers in arms trash disposal service" that ensures Moore is disposed of properly.

It certainly is time we get a real congressman and get rid of a worthless rhetorical political coward in 2010 that continues to demonstate he is lacking any substance--great at rhetoric and perpetual campaigning-but worthless as a United States Congressman of any congressional district.

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