Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's almost time for the political rhetoric to begin

It's almost time-time for the political rhetoric to get deep enough for most people with common sense to look around and find their hip wading boots.  This congressional cycle will be the same. 

Candidates will talk the same politican rhetoric-low taxes, jobs, heath care, quality education, freedom and liberty.  Whereas I believe voters and non-voters are more concerned about how a candidate is honest when it comes to political issues, understands what the broad consensus is on a political issue, and has both solutions and a vision to solve our current political problems.

Since I am a stateman instead of a politician, I will not be laying out a deep pile of rhetoric.  Instead, I am out here working to earn your vote.  It seems the typical batch of politicians, many who have held elected positions, do not want discuss what they failed to do while in an elected office. 

Most want to give illusions of some broad and ambiguous statement like "I want to restore liberty, hope and change to Americans."  What exactly does that mean when we read or hear this political rhetoric?   In the presidential election, it was hope and change.  Now we know what the change was-fiscally irresponsible socialism and mandates.

I will be putting substantial effort over the next few months on trying to put money into your pocket, if you are a current or future homeowner.  I am going to be spending significant time challenging the Kansas property tax comparables nonsense on Constitutional grounds as a fiscally conservative candidate with an extreme dislike for many federal, state, county and local taxes.   This includes real estate tax assessment methods.  And that is just one of the things I will be doing during the election cycle.  Repeating what I have done in the past and will do in the future. 

Is it time to choose and support a stateman instead of merely once again--a politican that merely promises what they will do if elected; then does not.  Kind of like a Dennis Moore-like kind of politican who likes bigger governments.  I kindly suggest our country will be a lot better when we start voting for those who have done things prior to the election.  Instead of who the media wants elected or has the most polticial contributions.

Why take a risk on a candidate who makes promises of what they will do if you vote for them after they are elected.  Only for you to regret having voted for them afterwards. 

 It is imperative that we restore America to being fiscally responsible and conservative. Our first step is to get rid of rhetorical and fiscally irresponsible politicans intent of making the federal government bigger and telling you what you have to do via federal mandates.


  1. Oct 11, 2009

    Hi Mr. Scherer,

    I am with the Independence Caucus and would like to discuss your 3rd District run. What is the best way to contact you.

    Richard Fry

  2. Call me at 913 403 8584. I am usually available.


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