Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Luck Finding Federal Agency Contact Data

The phone numbers for the federal agencies were required to be published on federal agency web sites by President Bush.  After President Obama became President, he promoted on his Presidential web site, his presidency would be the most transparent of any President ever.  This is another lie told to us by President Obama.  He promised to us a lot of things-GITMO would be closed in his first year.  Still has not happened.

For example, the phone number for the VA Central Office at 810 Vermont, NW used to be (202) 273-4800.  Now what the federal agencies did was change the area code for all the top federal agency officials.  It is no longer 202.  I called the White House Switchboard at (202) 456-1414.  The White House does not want you to get the correct area code for federal agencies and refused to give a good phone number for the Central Office of the Veterans Administration Secretary.

So if hiding federal agency phone numbers is making President Obama the most transparent President in the history of our nation as he proclaimed, I really understand why people all over America are protesting.  When the federal government agencies starting hiding from us, the citizens of this country, we need to do what is stated in the Declaration of Independence and replace any branch of the federal government that fails, we the people.

The Declaration of Independence states it is our right as Herman Cain, Candidate for President recently stated on TV this week. 

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