Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mack the Knife Quits Running for US Congress (FL-14th)

What can I say about the good news I just heard this morning.  One of our campaign objectives was to ensure Mack was not re-elected to once again be your 14th District Congressman.  Now on to the next goal for the people of this nation, the citizens of Florida and those in the 14th Congressional District to get a better congressman than Mack, the Knife.

We suggest Mr. Mack should file for the US Senate in California since he spends most of his time there helping their state out.  Maybe Mack should have done something for we, the people.  Instead of having been a participant in the fiscal mess we are now enduring.  I cannot, nor would recommend the voters elect Mack to anything but retirement.  This person has done enough damage to our nation.  Why  would anyone that understands and pays attention to politics want this guy elected to the United States Senate.  You have to be kidding, right? 

Stay tuned.

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