Sunday, January 31, 2010

Panthers, oranges and alligators, oh my!

Panthers, oranges and alligators, oh my!

I spent today at an orange orchard-U Pick Em Citrus in the Florida Everglades.  The owner noted my Scherer for Congress bumper sticker.  He told me to get a "real job making an honest living".  So I laughed and so did he. (Obviously he was poking fun at the general public displeasure and general distrust of yahoo politicans).  He must have been stereotyping all of us, not realizing I am a statesman; not a yahoo corrupt politican.  Further, he was a fellow Navy veteran from Michigan who migrated to Florida in 1980. 

He gave me a bunch of fresh oranges, limes and grapefruit.  How cool is that?  Now I have to buy one of those orange things to make fresh orange juice.  Regardless, there are panthers, oranges and alligators down here in Florida.  And fire ants and pythons.  And other mysterious creatures.  

Being here in Florida for Florida Days rocks.  I am having a great time. A kind of a working some of the time, while on vacation some of the time trip..  The weather here is horrible. Seventy degrees most of the time, clear blue skies, sunny and there is no snow; making it almost impossible to go tubing or snow-skiing. 

So, I hope my friends in Kansas are enjoying the typical Kansas winter season while I toil here in hot Florida. I hope Katy Horner at KCTV5 is not scaring everyone with her weather reports. I miss Katy Horner's nightly weather drama.  It is unique to Kansas.

Last Saturday, I went to the Lee County, Florida GOP Party event held Saturday at Edison College in Ft. Myers, Florida.  I introduced myself as a candidate for United States Congress. The Chair, the vice chair and the rest were quite gracious.  It does not matter where we fiscal conservatives are geographically, we are welcome wherever we go.  I also met the guest speaker, William J. Federer.  Mr. Federer lives in St. Louis, MO.  He ran for United States Congress a few years ago against Dick Gephardt. 

Anyway, Mr. Federer likes to write books.  Lots of books.  He and I both bonded right away as fellow writers and also because we   both understand what it is like running for United States Congress.  Running fror Congress is no cake walk.  It takes a lot of preparation and hard work.  But even more important, it takes character. It takes character to say hell no to corruption and bribes from all these special interest groups and huge corporations, including their evil hired guns, the lobbyists.

I  bought several of Mr. Federer's books.  This included his book "The Interesting HIstory of Income Tax" and "America's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations", both of which should be worth reading. 

Now many of us running for Congress take it quite seriously.  However, there are some yahoos who are advocating for special interest groups.  Like that Yoder dude who will not even invest a nickel in his own congressional race.  Implying to me at least, he is a special interest "bought" candidate.  It is never a good sign for a congressional candidate to demonstrate so little self-confidence, that Yoder refuses to invest his own money in his own campaign. 

If I were Yoder,(which I am glad I am not), I would not invest my money or waste my vote for Kevin Yoder either.  Seems like a waste of money.  Besides, the special  interests have already apparrently  bought "Johnny Come Lately" Yoder because they must no longer have any confidence in that Jordan dude beating me in the congressional primary. The special interest groups clearly are afraid of my campaign.  Which is a good thing for the individual.

Moreover, I am not trying to be moore-like, Part II.  A lot of people got so used to Moore. Many presume some of us candidates are supposed to be extremely nice to you.  Wrong. 

Instead,  I am going to fight for your rights in Washington.  And clearly, I am not kissing anyone's backside like Moore did.  He was an expert at it.  If you want someone to kiss your backside, vote for Jordan.  He will do anything to win an election.  Me, just treat like a human being and I will treat you like one.

Speaking of that Jordan, this dude was afraid to run against Moore rhetoric. Nick keeps forgetting he is actually supposed to campaign for Congress. Paul Showen, his primary opponent took 24% of the vote in the 2008 primary. Paul did not spend any money campaigning, at all.  So, good for Paul Showen.  Now another huge blunder Nick repeats is that Nick keeps ignoring Wyandotte and Douglas Counties.  The people of these two counties have no trust in Nick Jordan. 
And a lot of people in Johnson County also do not trust Jordan either. Finally, I don't trust him.

Can't blame all these people across three counties.  Jordan only cares about Johnson County; and then only when he is not in Texas.  Which is most of the time.  Nick reminds of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.  "Hi, I am Nick.  I need some courage.Where can I get some?"  Tell Nick to come see the Wizard of Oz, Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for Congress

Have you ever wondered why you never see Jordan on the campaign trail? That is unless someone like Dick "Satan" Cheney is pimping for him.  I doubt Satan is going to help Jordan campaign this year.  So, I merely wonder who is going to try and buy Jordan a congressional seat this time. 

Oh yeah, Senator Brownback, the dude that put our nation into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  Instead of Brownback for GOV, we should call him Senator Brokeback because he and some of these other yahoo Senators in Washington nearly sent our country into a financial meltdown. 

Speaking of Oz, I am hearing a lot of Oz jokes. Probably because in Florida, I am proudly wearing my Kansas shirts. I am proud to be a Kansan.  I ask people here to guess what state I am from.  Naturally, most can read my shirt.  I am especially proud of my KU shirts.  I  have a bunch of them.  What a game with K-State last night.  K-State is ok, but I don't have any of their shirts.  So, would some K-State fan send me a shirt here in Florida so I can wear it proudly also? 

Whatever you do, do not send me an MU shirt.  I hate to admit it, but my son actually went tio UMR.  What is the matter with this picture?  He played rugby and eventually was President of the UMR Rugby team.  I am very proud of my son.  Although I wish he had gone to law school or something else in Kansas. 

I look back on his youth and probably should have bought him law school and poli sci books when he was three; instead of all thoses Tonka trucks.  He does not want to be a desk jockey like his father..  He just likes digging in the dirt and has never stopped.  He is still digging in the dirt as a mining engineer down in the horrible state of Texas.  I pity him.  He should have gone to a Kansas univesity.

So if there is any dirt in my closet, best to get it out now.  So yes, my son went to the University of Missouri at Rolla.  Hey, we don't control our kids into adulthood.  We merely give them guidance, hope, leadership and support.  He made the decision and I supported his decision. 

To you, the voter, I hope you give me guidance, hope, leadership, prayer and moral support just like I gave my son. So in turn,, I can make America a better place for all of us regardless of party affiliation or any other sub-classification scheme. 

A gentle reminder, if we can unite as a country, we can accomplish a lot more together than we can, divided. 

Anyway, gotta go.  It is getting hot here and I need to turn the air conditioning on.  Take care.  Enjoy the winter weather while I continue to work while on vacation here in  Florida.  Later.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

America is broke-State of the Union

Let us face some reality.  America is broke.  That is the state of our union.  Regardless of what our Muslim President from Kenya stated last night.  Or,  better stated the federal govermment is broke.  Not just economicallly based on our ever-expanding national debt and the federal fiscal budget; but also:

a)  physically (our national infrastructure and domestic socialistic economy); and
b) mentally (because of corrupt yahoo politicians, PACS and special interest group lobbyists); and
c) Further, our country is broke morally and that needs fixed.

Our Federal Reserve banks under the guidance of Treasury Tim and Ben Bernaske makes most of Americans want an audit of the Federal Reserve.  What the heck is going on with the Federal Reserve.  Why are they hiding the facts and reality from we, the people?

The United States owes China 3 trillion dollars in T-bill notes. This was enough to make the POTUS bow to their leader.  How embaressing.  We are in world of trouble related to China now telling us what we must do economicallly.  How did this happen?  Well, clearly let us blame ourselves for electing too many progressive socialists,  yellow or blue democrats, and many other yahoo politicians that are corrupt and really do not care much about the federal deficit or the national debt.  Forcing us, we the people to get organized in Tea Party events and in federal elections. 

To which I say, good.  It is about time we woke up.  I have been writing this ongoing nightmare of fiscal irresponsibility for almost five years now.  So, I am glad the rest of middle class America is getting as mad as hell.  And doing their part now.  Listening.  I too am listening.  I concur with the Tea Party Patriots and other coalitiuons and caucuses demanding some kind of accountability and responsibility for two things:

1.  An out of control legislative branch that has for too long, been fiscally irresponsible creating the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; and

2. Corruption of our political system and these yahoo politicians that are pandering to every PAC and special interest group in America placing their priorities on getting re-elected instead of listening to what, we the people want from our federal government, all three branches, executive, legislative and judicial.

Liike Dennis Kucinich stated at the Dem Socialist Convention, wake up America.  And apparentlly, you were listening.  At least the patriots of this country woke up.  And many of us will be in Washington D.C. on April 15 for the biggest tea party event in the history of this nation.  Good. 

But do not despair.  We have been in trouble like this before.  And when any branch of the federal government has failed, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, it is our duty to fix it.  And we will,  united.  Merely note the paral.lel in history by reference to FDR's Presidential iinauguration speech contained in this very blog.  How funny we find ourselves once again repeating history. 

The last two Presidents have both been fisciallly irresponsible spending money like a drunken sailor returning home from a long voyage spending his last dime in a whorehouse.  Shame on them.  But we, the  people can fix that.  And we will.

Mr. Scherer will be glad to help return our nation to fiscall responsibility, accountability and transparency so you, or we the  people now exactly what is going on in Washington.  Why we have to hold these tea parties should never have happened.  But it has.  The fiscal irresponsible yahoos in Washington have failed, we the people. 

We suggest that the way to economic prosperty and jobs is rebuilding our national infrastructure..  But with no more tax increases.  We suggest massive tax reform, participatory democracy and a complete restructuring of our federal tax system.  We favor a tax system based on net worth.  Not some punitive tax system based on one's income.  Where the rick, corporations, and the poor get the benefits, while the middle class pays all these horrible taxes. 

We can fix this.  Hopefully during the 2010 election cycle when you vote for Scherer to be your congressman.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Status Update-What are the other yahoo candidates doing to earn your vote?

What are the other congressional candidates doing right now, today to earn your vote for United States Congress?

 It would seem best for a congressional candidate to do something other than merely state vote for me, and later after I am elected, I will do something for you.  Good luck with that kind of congressional candidate.

I am continuing my challenge related to real estate tax appraisals in Kansas and the creation of a new but unconstitutional court called the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  This creature was created by a pompous Kansas Senator named Tim Owens.  What was he thinking in sponsoring Substitute for HB 2018?  Or was he thinking? 

Senator Owens sent me an email pertaining to this horrible legislation stating Kansas state district court judges were not smart enough to hear real estate tax appeals.  Well, with that kind of comment, that email will probably be marked as Exh. 1 for the four hour trial currently docketed for April 30th.  In addition, I have requested a jury determine questions of fact. 

The other side,  Johnson County has already conceded the assessment of real estate taxes on my personal residence was a tad bit too high.  And they are trying to cut a deal so I do not challenge the constitutionality of this horrible new court in Kansas. 

The creation of this new court is not ready for prime time. 

For several reasons:

First, the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals is located in the same state building that houses some of Kansas's legislators.  It is a good idea that courts are kept separate physically from legislators.  If this court is going to survive at all, it should be located in the Kansas Judicial Center to keep separation.

Second, the current location in the Docking State Office building does not have a courtroom big enough for a jury trial.  As promised in the Kansas Constitution to be an inviolate right.  So, if this court cannot assemble a jury to determine facts, it cannot be found to be constitutional.

Third, in regard to real estate tax assessments in all 105 counties in Kansas, it is akin to Jim Crow laws.  Which violates the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Real estate taxes in Kansas are separate and unequal across all 105 counties.  Sounds like Jim Crow to me. 

Fourth, the Kansas Constitution requires the state legislative body to ensure there is appropriate funding to fund state government operations.  Our Kansas Constitution does not state instruments of the state, such as Johnson County Kansas are to be the tax revenue raising body for the state.  For if we allow that in Kansas, then we have lost the right of the voter to control state expenditures and the asessment of taxes. 

Effectively, Johnson County government can raise tax revenues without voter approval.  Which in turn means we the voters have lost the check and balance that is critical to maintaining control over taxing authorities.  So basically, with this real estate comparables nonsense, the various counties in Kansas can raise whatever tax revenue they desire, by merely increasing either the mill levy, or the overall value of real estate in a county.  And they are doing this.  Regardless of what we the voters want. 

Hence,why governments including JOCO continue their growth unfettered.  Which in turn, makes the legislators in Kansas having failed their duty to ensure there is appropriate state funds as required by our Kansas Constitution.  Therefore, they are more concerned about getting re-elected than they are in complying with our Kansas Constitution.  Shame on them. 

Finally, those are just a few of many factors on why this new court is a horrible idea not ready for prime time.

We, the citizens of our respective counties have effectively lost our check and balance over the growth of state tax revenues related to real estate taxes.  But only for a while.  We have to restore to the voters their right to control and limit the growth of government again.  Whether that be at the municipal, county, state or national level.  Starve the beast and restore to the people control over the size, direction and purpose of their governments.  For we, the people are in charge of these various governments.  And we need to remind some of these yahoos (like Tim Owens), we the people are in charge.  Not yahoo politicans. 

So, that is one of several things that  I am doing to earn your vote.  What are these other congressional wanna be people doing now to deserve your vote in the upcoming primary?  Beats me.  I have not heard much of anything from any of them.  Other than some of them wanting to support a horrible regressive tax scheme called the Fair Tax.  Which is not fair at all. 

The Fair Tax would require you parents with children or college students to pay a huge new tax roughly for k-12, $2,500 per student per year.  How can anyone, including some of these rookie congressional candidates call this a "fair tax"?  Hardly sounds fair to me.  Maybe these rookie candidates should try reading and understanding what they publically endorse.  I do not endorse anything called the "fair tax". Because it not a fair tax at all.  Instead, it is regressive tax policy that makes the rich, richer.

I do have several suggestions related to taxes.  Both at the state and federal level.  Some of those tax changes, both at the state and federal level I got by listening to you, the voters. I suppprt conceptually, participatory democracy where the voter controls how his taxes are spent directly. Who these other yahoo congressional candidates must be listening to has to be special interest groups.  I would ignore them.  For truly, they do not understand what it takes to represent you, the voter. 

Merely  ask them this congressional election cycle whether they support the Fair Tax.  If they do, do not vote for them.  For if they are, they do not want to represent the individual.  They want to represent special interest groups.  Which I do not.

 I suppport the individual and small businesses.  For this what made America a great nation.  And despite politicians, we do not want to forget that, ever.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Uniting America-Keeping MLK dream alive

Once again, it is time to be reflective on MLK Day, one of our truly American heroes.  I have read extensively about MLK, Chavez, Mother Teresa and Gandhi studying what they did; rather than reinvent the wheel as a civil rights activist myself.
I adopt some of their techniques in my work effort. 

This year, I am going to go even further than I have in the past of merely wanting to unite our nation. I am not static, or by analogy, a broken record singing the same song.  I continue to evolve philosophically and geographically as a candidate for United States Congress.  My own transformation merely continues. 

Running for United States Congress,  I always see a need to look at things not only domestically, but also internationally.  For example, as a congressman, what is our responsibility to the people of Haiti right now?  What is the expectation of the American people from me to react internationally like in Haiti? Particularily since I am merely asking you to give me a job as a United States Congressman.  Sometimes, I don't have all the answers. And that is where we find a person's character-during an emergency situation.  So rhetorically . . .

Is it a  proper function of a limited government to take resources away from our domestic agenda and spend federal funds internationally?  Remember, federal funds our your money.  Restated, should the federal government including the executive and legislative branch of government get involved, using your federal tax dollars internationally?  It really is your decision.  You are the Boss of Congressman, the Senators and the President. 

You, or "we,  the people (in our to form a more perfect union) have to make the decision on what we want the federal government to do.  So give us direction-yes or no on aid to Haiti?  And hopefully, there will be an affirmative consensus that leans to supporting others when they need help--a sense of humanity.  Merely remember how the world responded to us during 9-11?  How can we live with ourselves, if we congressional candidates forget the people of Haiti now? 

 Most of us have not forgotten how the President (or the new liberal socialist Obama as a Senator) ignored Katrina victims; while concurrently spending ridiculus amounts our money in Iraq and his insane war on terrorism.  Nor should we forget this happened. So who helped the people of New Orleans since the executive branch ignored this domestic situation? 

Naturally, as the Declaration of Independence states clearly, "when any branch of the federal government fails, it is the duty of we the people" to take care of necessary events and circumstances.  So, we did.  As a united nation despite the failures of our federal government.  Now, with the Obama administration, the federal government and the people of this nation are in synch helping the people of Haiti.  Good.  We are united. 

By merely referring to the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers, our founding fathers clearly wanted a very small and limited government.  Further, they clearly intended the United States not interfere in the sovereignity of foreign nations.  For the founding fathers did not want anyone interfering in our sovereignity.  So it is merely common sense and self-protection.  Don't mess with us and we will not mess with you. 

At the time of writing our Constitution, our founding fathers did not address any prohibition of international humanitarian relief efforts.  One frequent misnomer or error I hear runnig for Congress is the United States government is spending massive amounts of money internationally in humanitarian aid.  This is incorrect.  The United States federal government is a relative cheapskate when in comes to participation in humanitarian efforts world-wide. 

However, from a civil rights perspective, globally we are all united as humans.  Regardless of all other subdivisions and classications schemes.  In Desireda, it merely states "we all children of the universe . . . and that "we all have the right to be here."  I concur. 

Now, we are united as humans globally and we are united as Americans based on our birth or legal status.  If you are here unlawfully, get out.  The American people are pretty universal in wanting people here unlawfully to be deported.  Furthermore, unlawful people who reside here, are both a domestic security and economic threat to our nation. 

Why the federal government has failed we, the people on our immigration policy and on domestic security is beyond the comprehension of most of us.  What is not beyond most of us, is getting rid of yahoo politicans in Washington that have allowed for decades all this unlawful immigration to go on unchecked. 

Today, I met an individual who's family has been in America for over 400 years.  His family descendants originally came here as slaves.  So, I want to state clearly I prefer we stay united as merely Americans, I am not color-blind either related to the horrible history of discrimination in America based on skin color.  It is very real form of discrimination that I cannot imagine what it must be like. 

My family history makes me a relative newcomer to America.  My family roots go back to 1892 when my ancestors came to Kansas.  My great-grandfather was sponsored by a family in Atchison, Kansas.  (The Infants).  My great-grandfather laid the bricks of 4th St. in Atchison, Kansas.  I took photos of that street over Christmas prior to the blizzard that hit. 

Had my great grandfather been brought here as a slave, how much different would my perspective be on America?  Would I be upset and able to forget the past?  I doubt it.  Most of know that many foreign countries are unlike the melting pot of the United States.  We have people in this country from all parts of the world.  And that is what makes America great and unique. We are so fortunate to be Americans and be in America.

So for today, I cannot be color-blind to the past.  I can however, like MLK have a dream where the color of a person's skin matters not.  And then we can all state, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.  We are the United States of America; not the Divided States of America.

And united, with common purpose, clarity snd vision together, we will reindustrialize our nation leading to further economic and civil prosperity.  So help me God.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hammer Time-Focusing On Public Enemy No. 1-Nick Jordan

For the  most part, congressional candidates Lightner, Gilyeat and Rysavy can be ignored by most reasonable voters because of their public support for the Fair Tax as they all stated they supported at the KU Forum.

Clearly, they either did not read H.R. 25 (aka "The Fair Tax"),  or, they all fatally failed to understand it.  Had they read and understood it, including taxing parents for their children's public education, I doubt they would not have supported it.
I do not expect Kansas parents to have to pay any further taxes for their children's public education. 

Nor do I believe college students should be forced to pay a consumption tax on their college education' tuition at 23 per cent tax as included in this alleged "fair tax".  It is not fair and it is horrible legislation.  These novice congressional candidates sound like the yahoos in Washington--saying they will vote for something they clearly have not read, or failed to understand. 

So, our new focus is now  going to be on Public Enemy No. 1-Coward Nick Jordan.

Nick was afraid to file for Congress when Moore was running.  Unlike Nick, I was not afraid of Mr. Moore.  Nor  am I afraid of Nick.  So the congressional primary is essentially  down to Scherer v. Jordan.  And remember, Nick was a coward.  Do you want a coward to be your next congressman?  We do not.

Further, Senator Brownback and Roberts in some kind of c onspiracy want Nick to be their buddy.  We do not like conspiracies and plots by United States Senators from Kansas determining who is going to be the 3rd District congressman. If you are a reasonable voter, it should be you who determines who is the next 3rd District Congressman.  Right?

 So don't vote for any cowards or stand by silently while the Brownback/Roberts conspiracy tries to to circumvent you, the voters of  Kansas. Nick reminds of the cowardly lion for the Wizard of Oz.  Woof.  Get some courage Nick.  Come see me.  I am the Wizard of Oz.  Bring Dorothy, Toto and the rest of the gang from Oz. 

Finally, it is hammer time.  In January 2008, despite me being a GOP candidate for Congress, Nick asked me why should we work together to take the 3rd Congressional seat.  Nick called me his enemy. 

Moreover, Nick liked Dick "Satan" Cheney.  Which basically tells us Nick has no moral standards.  He will take  money from anyone including Satan.  And maybe Nick should have actually spent more time in Kansas compaigning; rather than spend most of his time in Texas.   Take care Nick.  For it is hammer time. 

Now that Nick danced with Satan, he can't touch this.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Been a tad bit busy

Just a quick note to let everyone know I have been a tad bit busy lately.  So stay tuned. 

I remain the better candidate for United States Congress.  Just ask the other yahoos whom claim to support the Fair Tax, H.R. 25.  Surely, they have not read it because if they had, they would not proclaimed they supported it.  These yahoos clearly are more of the same type of politican we already have in Washington.  Sign and vote for bills they have not read. 

We do not need to elect yahoos like this to Washington.  Most of the others are the same yahoos that got America into the mess we are facing today.