Friday, January 15, 2010

Been a tad bit busy

Just a quick note to let everyone know I have been a tad bit busy lately.  So stay tuned. 

I remain the better candidate for United States Congress.  Just ask the other yahoos whom claim to support the Fair Tax, H.R. 25.  Surely, they have not read it because if they had, they would not proclaimed they supported it.  These yahoos clearly are more of the same type of politican we already have in Washington.  Sign and vote for bills they have not read. 

We do not need to elect yahoos like this to Washington.  Most of the others are the same yahoos that got America into the mess we are facing today.



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Merely remember if I am elected to Congress, you the individual are my boss. PACS, Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups, sorry, but just go away. Americans are tired of the United PACS of America buying and corrupting our congressman and Senators. Our candidate is not for sale.

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