Thursday, January 28, 2010

America is broke-State of the Union

Let us face some reality.  America is broke.  That is the state of our union.  Regardless of what our Muslim President from Kenya stated last night.  Or,  better stated the federal govermment is broke.  Not just economicallly based on our ever-expanding national debt and the federal fiscal budget; but also:

a)  physically (our national infrastructure and domestic socialistic economy); and
b) mentally (because of corrupt yahoo politicians, PACS and special interest group lobbyists); and
c) Further, our country is broke morally and that needs fixed.

Our Federal Reserve banks under the guidance of Treasury Tim and Ben Bernaske makes most of Americans want an audit of the Federal Reserve.  What the heck is going on with the Federal Reserve.  Why are they hiding the facts and reality from we, the people?

The United States owes China 3 trillion dollars in T-bill notes. This was enough to make the POTUS bow to their leader.  How embaressing.  We are in world of trouble related to China now telling us what we must do economicallly.  How did this happen?  Well, clearly let us blame ourselves for electing too many progressive socialists,  yellow or blue democrats, and many other yahoo politicians that are corrupt and really do not care much about the federal deficit or the national debt.  Forcing us, we the people to get organized in Tea Party events and in federal elections. 

To which I say, good.  It is about time we woke up.  I have been writing this ongoing nightmare of fiscal irresponsibility for almost five years now.  So, I am glad the rest of middle class America is getting as mad as hell.  And doing their part now.  Listening.  I too am listening.  I concur with the Tea Party Patriots and other coalitiuons and caucuses demanding some kind of accountability and responsibility for two things:

1.  An out of control legislative branch that has for too long, been fiscally irresponsible creating the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; and

2. Corruption of our political system and these yahoo politicians that are pandering to every PAC and special interest group in America placing their priorities on getting re-elected instead of listening to what, we the people want from our federal government, all three branches, executive, legislative and judicial.

Liike Dennis Kucinich stated at the Dem Socialist Convention, wake up America.  And apparentlly, you were listening.  At least the patriots of this country woke up.  And many of us will be in Washington D.C. on April 15 for the biggest tea party event in the history of this nation.  Good. 

But do not despair.  We have been in trouble like this before.  And when any branch of the federal government has failed, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, it is our duty to fix it.  And we will,  united.  Merely note the paral.lel in history by reference to FDR's Presidential iinauguration speech contained in this very blog.  How funny we find ourselves once again repeating history. 

The last two Presidents have both been fisciallly irresponsible spending money like a drunken sailor returning home from a long voyage spending his last dime in a whorehouse.  Shame on them.  But we, the  people can fix that.  And we will.

Mr. Scherer will be glad to help return our nation to fiscall responsibility, accountability and transparency so you, or we the  people now exactly what is going on in Washington.  Why we have to hold these tea parties should never have happened.  But it has.  The fiscal irresponsible yahoos in Washington have failed, we the people. 

We suggest that the way to economic prosperty and jobs is rebuilding our national infrastructure..  But with no more tax increases.  We suggest massive tax reform, participatory democracy and a complete restructuring of our federal tax system.  We favor a tax system based on net worth.  Not some punitive tax system based on one's income.  Where the rick, corporations, and the poor get the benefits, while the middle class pays all these horrible taxes. 

We can fix this.  Hopefully during the 2010 election cycle when you vote for Scherer to be your congressman.


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