Monday, January 18, 2010

Uniting America-Keeping MLK dream alive

Once again, it is time to be reflective on MLK Day, one of our truly American heroes.  I have read extensively about MLK, Chavez, Mother Teresa and Gandhi studying what they did; rather than reinvent the wheel as a civil rights activist myself.
I adopt some of their techniques in my work effort. 

This year, I am going to go even further than I have in the past of merely wanting to unite our nation. I am not static, or by analogy, a broken record singing the same song.  I continue to evolve philosophically and geographically as a candidate for United States Congress.  My own transformation merely continues. 

Running for United States Congress,  I always see a need to look at things not only domestically, but also internationally.  For example, as a congressman, what is our responsibility to the people of Haiti right now?  What is the expectation of the American people from me to react internationally like in Haiti? Particularily since I am merely asking you to give me a job as a United States Congressman.  Sometimes, I don't have all the answers. And that is where we find a person's character-during an emergency situation.  So rhetorically . . .

Is it a  proper function of a limited government to take resources away from our domestic agenda and spend federal funds internationally?  Remember, federal funds our your money.  Restated, should the federal government including the executive and legislative branch of government get involved, using your federal tax dollars internationally?  It really is your decision.  You are the Boss of Congressman, the Senators and the President. 

You, or "we,  the people (in our to form a more perfect union) have to make the decision on what we want the federal government to do.  So give us direction-yes or no on aid to Haiti?  And hopefully, there will be an affirmative consensus that leans to supporting others when they need help--a sense of humanity.  Merely remember how the world responded to us during 9-11?  How can we live with ourselves, if we congressional candidates forget the people of Haiti now? 

 Most of us have not forgotten how the President (or the new liberal socialist Obama as a Senator) ignored Katrina victims; while concurrently spending ridiculus amounts our money in Iraq and his insane war on terrorism.  Nor should we forget this happened. So who helped the people of New Orleans since the executive branch ignored this domestic situation? 

Naturally, as the Declaration of Independence states clearly, "when any branch of the federal government fails, it is the duty of we the people" to take care of necessary events and circumstances.  So, we did.  As a united nation despite the failures of our federal government.  Now, with the Obama administration, the federal government and the people of this nation are in synch helping the people of Haiti.  Good.  We are united. 

By merely referring to the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers, our founding fathers clearly wanted a very small and limited government.  Further, they clearly intended the United States not interfere in the sovereignity of foreign nations.  For the founding fathers did not want anyone interfering in our sovereignity.  So it is merely common sense and self-protection.  Don't mess with us and we will not mess with you. 

At the time of writing our Constitution, our founding fathers did not address any prohibition of international humanitarian relief efforts.  One frequent misnomer or error I hear runnig for Congress is the United States government is spending massive amounts of money internationally in humanitarian aid.  This is incorrect.  The United States federal government is a relative cheapskate when in comes to participation in humanitarian efforts world-wide. 

However, from a civil rights perspective, globally we are all united as humans.  Regardless of all other subdivisions and classications schemes.  In Desireda, it merely states "we all children of the universe . . . and that "we all have the right to be here."  I concur. 

Now, we are united as humans globally and we are united as Americans based on our birth or legal status.  If you are here unlawfully, get out.  The American people are pretty universal in wanting people here unlawfully to be deported.  Furthermore, unlawful people who reside here, are both a domestic security and economic threat to our nation. 

Why the federal government has failed we, the people on our immigration policy and on domestic security is beyond the comprehension of most of us.  What is not beyond most of us, is getting rid of yahoo politicans in Washington that have allowed for decades all this unlawful immigration to go on unchecked. 

Today, I met an individual who's family has been in America for over 400 years.  His family descendants originally came here as slaves.  So, I want to state clearly I prefer we stay united as merely Americans, I am not color-blind either related to the horrible history of discrimination in America based on skin color.  It is very real form of discrimination that I cannot imagine what it must be like. 

My family history makes me a relative newcomer to America.  My family roots go back to 1892 when my ancestors came to Kansas.  My great-grandfather was sponsored by a family in Atchison, Kansas.  (The Infants).  My great-grandfather laid the bricks of 4th St. in Atchison, Kansas.  I took photos of that street over Christmas prior to the blizzard that hit. 

Had my great grandfather been brought here as a slave, how much different would my perspective be on America?  Would I be upset and able to forget the past?  I doubt it.  Most of know that many foreign countries are unlike the melting pot of the United States.  We have people in this country from all parts of the world.  And that is what makes America great and unique. We are so fortunate to be Americans and be in America.

So for today, I cannot be color-blind to the past.  I can however, like MLK have a dream where the color of a person's skin matters not.  And then we can all state, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.  We are the United States of America; not the Divided States of America.

And united, with common purpose, clarity snd vision together, we will reindustrialize our nation leading to further economic and civil prosperity.  So help me God.


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