Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hammer Time-Focusing On Public Enemy No. 1-Nick Jordan

For the  most part, congressional candidates Lightner, Gilyeat and Rysavy can be ignored by most reasonable voters because of their public support for the Fair Tax as they all stated they supported at the KU Forum.

Clearly, they either did not read H.R. 25 (aka "The Fair Tax"),  or, they all fatally failed to understand it.  Had they read and understood it, including taxing parents for their children's public education, I doubt they would not have supported it.
I do not expect Kansas parents to have to pay any further taxes for their children's public education. 

Nor do I believe college students should be forced to pay a consumption tax on their college education' tuition at 23 per cent tax as included in this alleged "fair tax".  It is not fair and it is horrible legislation.  These novice congressional candidates sound like the yahoos in Washington--saying they will vote for something they clearly have not read, or failed to understand. 

So, our new focus is now  going to be on Public Enemy No. 1-Coward Nick Jordan.

Nick was afraid to file for Congress when Moore was running.  Unlike Nick, I was not afraid of Mr. Moore.  Nor  am I afraid of Nick.  So the congressional primary is essentially  down to Scherer v. Jordan.  And remember, Nick was a coward.  Do you want a coward to be your next congressman?  We do not.

Further, Senator Brownback and Roberts in some kind of c onspiracy want Nick to be their buddy.  We do not like conspiracies and plots by United States Senators from Kansas determining who is going to be the 3rd District congressman. If you are a reasonable voter, it should be you who determines who is the next 3rd District Congressman.  Right?

 So don't vote for any cowards or stand by silently while the Brownback/Roberts conspiracy tries to to circumvent you, the voters of  Kansas. Nick reminds of the cowardly lion for the Wizard of Oz.  Woof.  Get some courage Nick.  Come see me.  I am the Wizard of Oz.  Bring Dorothy, Toto and the rest of the gang from Oz. 

Finally, it is hammer time.  In January 2008, despite me being a GOP candidate for Congress, Nick asked me why should we work together to take the 3rd Congressional seat.  Nick called me his enemy. 

Moreover, Nick liked Dick "Satan" Cheney.  Which basically tells us Nick has no moral standards.  He will take  money from anyone including Satan.  And maybe Nick should have actually spent more time in Kansas compaigning; rather than spend most of his time in Texas.   Take care Nick.  For it is hammer time. 

Now that Nick danced with Satan, he can't touch this.


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