Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet some heroes of mine- Official Members of my Congressional Staff


Running for United States Congress requires tremendous effort. And to do the best job I can, I need some help.  Most congressional campaigns assemble a campaign staff to help during the campaign cycle. Therefore, I want to make public some of the more important members of my campaign team.

Glenn E. Seever, Treasurer, Topeka, Kansas:
Mr. Seever has thirty-one years of federal service having worked as senior computer operator at Ft. Leavenworth and with the Kansas National Guard in Topeka, Kansas. Mr. Seever is responsible for raising campaign contribution and filing federal election reports with the Federal Election Commission. He is an honorably discharged and disabled Viet Nam era veteran. Further, he serves as my advisor related to the Kansas National Guard.

We are both very concerned about how the President of the United States has taken over control of the Kansas National Guard from the Kansas Governor. Until recently, the Kansas Governor required the President of the United States to request the use of Kansas National Guard Troops for fighting wars in foreign nations such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are both concerned that 40% of those fighting the war on terrorism are National Guard troops (aka as state militia).

We are both very concerned how the federal government keeps extending the deployment of our National Guard troops from a one year rotation to an 18 month rotation. Further, we need our Kansas National Guard to be here in Kansas to be able to respond to state emergencies and fulfill their duties and obligations assisting residents of the state of Kansas. So a big shout out to the members of the Kansas National Guard. Just like the Kansas National Guard did not that long ago helping the residents recover from the aftermath of the Greenville tornado,

We want our Kansas National Guard members to come back to Kansas and be under control of the Governor of Kansas; instead of the President of the United States. While they serve with honor, I am assuming they would rather be in Kansas also.  Finally, we both certainly do not want our Kansas National Guard members dying paying the ultimate price acting as policemen in Iraq or Afghanistan. So from all our staff, thank you  Kansas National Guard.  We remember.

Charles M. Wilson, Public Affairs and Media Relations: Mr. Wilson resides in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Mr. Wilson is very experienced having worked for many major corporations. His wife Pam recently was one of the million people that were at the National Mall in Washington protesting some of the Obama administration’s policies.

Both Charles and Pam are devoted and dedicated Christians. Both have volunteered as missionaries traveling all over the world giving their time unselfishly to help others. Charles and Pam are heroes to me. Pam, Charles wife, a dedicated teacher just returned recently this year from the Ukraine where she was helping those children.

Charles has recently been spending tremendous of time with our joint friend, Duane Graveline, NASA astronaut, and many others all over the world in helping and warning many about the dangers and side effects of statin medications the drug industry wants to promote not for the public safety, but to generate revenues, without disclosing the dangers of statins. The inventor of the process to make statins in 1963, Karl Folker, former Director of Research for Merck, stated and regarded statins as “the deadly downward spiral of death” (for those with CHD).

Karl Folker warned the drug companies to not sell this dangerous product. The drug companies ignored the inventor of lovastatin and now statin drugs are the NO. 1 prescribed drug in the world. Ask the drug companies why they continue to market a product the inventor advised them not to.  Why do the drug companies not tell you that?

Mr. Wilson is my contact point related to Public Affairs and Media Relations. Any surveys or media requests including those by special interest groups and PACS related to this campaign are to be sent to his attention at Charles Wilson via email to: I am so fortunate to have Mr. Wilson being a member of my campaign staff.

Cindy Hollander, Merriam, Kansas, small business owner and women’s issues advisor:

Mrs. Hollander is the owner of Rose’s Piano and Moving Co. She has been a resident of Johnson County for over 20 years.  Her business has been moving people since 1958. Mrs. Hollander is the owner of a moving company in a male dominated industry. She knows what it is like to compete in the small business world and clearly understands how women continue to be discriminated against. She will advise on issues she and others in the small business community have to deal with.

Further, she is single parent and clearly understands issues related to women and family far better than I could as a man. Her role is to advise me on small business issues and other issues important to the female voters during this campaign cycle. She is a friend and advisor. Mrs. Hollander has agreed to participate in public events and is willing to speak on issues that are important on issues related to family and women’s issues.

Jane Doe: My best friend and early campaign advisor:

Due to conditions of her employment, I cannot make Jane’s name known. However, I can state Jane and I have been advocating for children’s issues related to public education for many years. We both know the Kansas Public School system has not improved public education in this state for decades based on data from their web site.  (KSDE).

Yet, these public schools refuse to consolidate saving you the costs of a public education. The Kansas public school system has not improved the quality of education for decades, yet defines 60% proficiency as adequate. 60% proficiency basically means your child upon graduating from a public high school can read and write. However, at a 60% proficiency level, most cannot be admitted to most colleges without having to take remedial education programs. Recently, I heard Kansas now has a 25% high school drop-out rate.  Good job KSDE, not.

Like Jane, we believe our public schools that keep getting and asking for more and more money, need to do a better job in educating our children. We believe money is not the solution to improving the proficiency of those enrolled in K-12.

We believe accountability, consolidation and proven performance is the answer. We believe the Kansas public education system has too much administrative bloat. We support consolidation of some of the school districts in Kansas.

For example, the local public high school 3 blocks from my house where my son and nephew both graduated has/had the last time I checked, had  a principal and 4 vice principals, all of whom had doctorates. Why does one local high school need 5 Ph.D(s) running one local public high school? Would it not be a better to have less doctors at our public schools and instead, use those public funds to educating these high school students?

Together, Jane and I formed a coalition of parents having to deal with the public school system wanting to dump children into Special Education to increase the amount of funds they received from the state of Kansas. Further, we know how some of these public officials subjected disabled children to a process known as IEP andFAPE. (Individual Education Plan and Free and Accessible Public Education).

These public schools are providing minimal services related to their duties to educate these disabled children. For example, Jane introduced me to DeAnn and Dennis Villarreal whose son Dustin was on TV earlier this year. Dustin has received an inferior public education from the Olathe Public School system.

In regard to teachers, we have the utmost respect for. What a great job to educate children, watch them grow into adults and thank you years later.  What a wonderful job.  Some of my family are teachers and my sister is a professor (at JOCO Community College). 

Back to Dustin.  I know Dustin. I took him fishing where he caught his first fish. Dustin is also a  guitar player far better than the incumbent. Dustin, like the rest of us merely wants an adequate public education from the Olathe School District so he too can be a public school teacher.

Instead, the Olathe School District administrators failed to educate Dustin adequately. To me, Dustin will be fine despite his problems with the Olathe School District. To me, Dustin Villarreal is a hero. I merely tell Dustin and others that have to deal with any disabiltity to overcome it. People like Dustin have a right to be proud.  

But yet, they are still subjected to some of the worst discrimination in America. So get over being discriminated against if you are a person having to deal with a disability.  Keep trying.  Be proud of your successes despite having to deal with a medical condition. To those persons with disabilities that cannot obtain employment, that I understand also.  My two brothers both had intellectual disabilties.  One of my brothers, I had limited power of attorney for ten years prior to running for Congress.

Remember, the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101, et seq.) acknowledge a long history of discrimination in most segments of society. We must get past the discrimination and do the very best we can, despite having a medical condition. I like to remind people, at some point, all of us someday will be a person having to deal with a diability.

I assure you Jane is well acquainted with political issues having discussed important issues with me many times over. Her children are well known to candidates. Her children, now adults helped candidates campaign by going door to door distributing campaign materials at an early age. Her children have helped me distribute campaign materials, place yard signs and been early supporters of my campaign for United States Congress. She is an expert in campaigning. When she talks, I listen.

Further, if I ever needed help, which happens sometimes, she is the first person who I would call. Because I know she would be there to help me; just as I would do the same for her. She is a hero to me. She also is a United States decorated veteran having spent over 18 years in the United States Navy. She has both a graduate and undergraduate degree.

When, and if I win rhis congressional race, she will be the first person I will ask to be a paid member of my congressional staff. She has indicated to me she would be honored to act on behalf of the public interest, just like we have been doing for many years.

Finally, I am asking a good friend of mine, Dan Leap, Merriam City Council member to help with the campaign. Mr. Leap and I started running for political office together in 1999. We did some campaigning in his Deloren in 1999.

 I was asked by several council members to run for the Merriam City Council. I asked Mr. Glenn why? His short response was “because it is fun”. I told Mr. Glenn I was a disabled person. He stated good. So, I filed and did run for public office. I came out of the closet as a person with a disability.

Soon, Mr. Leap and I are going to be hosting a public event. Dan and his band Pompous Jack, in cooperation with the Scherer for your Congressman committee, will soon be hosting a local event to the public. A meet and greet, but no lengthy boring political speeches from me as your candidate for Congress.

Instead, we are going to have a good rock and rolling time with music by Dan (voted Guitarist of the Year) and his band Pompous Jack.  And remember, Dan was a candidate for Mayor (2009) and only needed 23 more votes to win the mayoral race.  He remains a dedicated  dedicated public servant for the residents of Merriam as one of their Merriam City Council members. Like Dan, we both dislike big government and even worse, taxes.  He is a both a friend and a hero. 

In regard to my congressional campaign, I am going to ask Mr. Leap to be in charge of some campaign events. His title will probably be Doctor of Fun. Dan has been a good friend of mine for many years. We have opposed ridiculous local sales taxes here in Merriam for many years. Dan Leap is well known here in Kansas City. We hope he agrees to join our congressional staff.

In regard to the next public event featuring Mr. Leap’s band, Pompous Jack, we will have a formal announcement coming shortly. Hopefully, that will before the end of the year.

To those who have worked hard in the past with my congressional campaign (Bob, Ralph, Richard, Brooke, Maggie and many others, including some former Shawnee North Mission students), I cannot list each and every person. But I have never forgotten those of you have helped in prior campaigns, parades and the distribution of petitions to make this nation a better place. Thanks to all of those people that have given generously time, labor and/or contributions to my campaign in the past and presently. I am very grateful. And my promise is do whatever I can to reduce your taxes at all levels of government; while still demanding performance, transparency and accountability.

There will be others that are welcome to join our campaign team. I am presently in communication with some students at KU. Some of those I would welcome to my congressional staff. We are in the process of building what will be the future members of Constituent Staff. So, if you are interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to contact myself, or any of the listed members above. Remember, I am merely asking you the residents to hire me.You are my next employer. I am your employee. I merely ask you to inform and delegagte to me what you want me to do as your next United States Congressman.

Humbly yours, Thomas Scherer

Tom who? Political Biography of Thomas E. Scherer

I keep getting asked by some for a political biography.  I agree this is relevant.  And I want to assure you that I am known all over America by some very important people--not merely as one newspaper recently reported, "a relatively unknown person in the congressional district." To which they agreed to make a correction, but did not.

Some of these local media people want to bias the election and apparently do not want you the residents of this state to even know I am a filed candidate for United States Congress.  A willful, knowing and intentional omission.  Merely see the Wednesday edition of the JOCO Sun that omitted me entirely as a filed candidate for United States Congress.  See  And it is just not me they are biased against, they also are biased against some of the other candidates as well. 

To which I state, do not trust the media.  Particularily some of the biased reporters, publishers and editors at the KC Star, the Johnson County Sun, and even some of the local TV and radio stations.  Especially KCTV5. These media sources are not owned by Kansans.  They are owned by out of state corporations.

These media outlets are pro-business because they derive their major source of revenues from big corporate ads-advertising.  These media sources do not care about you, the individual or reporting the facts or omitting fact.  They only care about their bottom line and making profits.  I continue to suggest better facts witihout bias can be obtained from blogs and the internet.  It comes of no surprise to me many of these media sources are failing. 

Political Biography of Thomas E. Scherer,
Candidate, United States Congress,
3rd Congressional District (2010)

Personal information: Mr. Scherer is a native Kansan born in Atchison Kansas Oct 2, 1953 (Current age-57). Mr. Scherer is a single parent having actively raised one son, Jacob. Scherer has resided at 7916 West 60th St., Merriam (Johnson County), Kansas for the past 18 years. Mr. Scherer’s personal telephone number is (913) 403-8584. His current email address is

Mr. Scherer also maintains an interactive blog at He encourages those whom reside in the 3rd Congressional District (Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties) to communicate to help him better understand what a consensus of the voters and non-voters want from their elected congressman.

Mr. Scherer seeks that consensus rather than merely express his personal beliefs. Unlike most political candidates, Scherer represents no special interests, groups or organizations. His candidacy is based on what is best for our nation and for the individuals that live in the United States.

Mr. Scherer is a statesman politically; instead of merely another rhetorical politician. Mr. Scherer has and will continue to advocate as a congressman, or as an advocate for those issues that benefit the individual first, followed by the nation including both non-profit and profit institutions.

Mr. Scherer in making decisions broadly supports the public, national, state and local interest before considering party platform. Mr. Scherer has been in both the GOP and Democratic party as a congressional candidate. Mr. Scherer as a statesman has broad-based support across party lines to all political parties including independents based on his political leadership; instead of merely being merely another run-of the mill politician following a particular party platform. Mr. Scherer supports the best political thought regardless of party affiliation.

Mr. Scherer has advocated since 1994 at the national, state and local level on behalf of the public interest. This effort has given Mr. Scherer experience in working with various federal, state and local agencies of government. As well as work with national, state and local institutions; both non-profit and for profit.

Mr. Scherer started working on behalf of the public interest actively in 1994 locally, state and at the national level as a disability rights activist. Around 2002, Mr. Scherer then extended advocacy into civil rights work. In 2004, Mr. Scherer then entered the congressional race having filed with the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Scherer’s goal and motivation is centered on a simple fundamental belief—that one person can still make the United States a better place for many.

Political Goals: To ensure the federal government reduces its scope and size. As well as stops expanding the current administration's efforts to move our country further into democratic-led socialism.

As a fiscal conservative, ensure tax and earmark reform; as well as preserving Kansas sovereignty and ensuring there is no purpose in any further federal interference in Kansas’s state sovereignty.

I support the individual as the basis for what made America a great nation. In our nation, the individual comes first. I support a free market economy and the idea that the less the federal government gets involved in our individual affairs, the better and more prosperous our nation Kansas and our congressional district will be--whether that be in business, health care, education or in our homes.

Mr. Scherer is an experienced candidate for having campaigned continuously since 2004 to better represent the 3rd Congressional District of Kansas.

Current works in process related to the public interest (2009):

1. Advocating for modifications to the state and county method of real estate tax appraisals using comparables forcing residents out of their homes. I support Prop K as proposed, subject to minor revisions as a better method of determining real estate property taxes in Kansas.

2. Advocating for changes to the methods employed by the Veteran's Administration to ensure veterans claim processes are improved; as well as seeing that veterans are entitled to a cost recovery for expenses incurred in claim processing

3. Advocate for our troops and National Guard members to return home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP. I also support those troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to have federal statutory protection to ensure they have the right to return to their employment they held prior to being deployed.

4. Challenging the real estate comparables process in Kansas as a sham process including challenging Substitute for HB 2018 sponsored  by now Senator Tim Owens as being a violation of our United States and Kansas Constitution for depriving Kansas homeowners the fundamental and important procedural due process right to have a jury trial in one's state district court. 

See the United States Constitution, 5th, 7th and 14th Amendment; as well as the Kansas Constituion including the Kansas Bill of Rights that states the right to a jury trial is inviolate. As well as ensures all of our rights to procedural due process.

Further, the Kansas legislature is required to ensure all state expenditures are done by the Kansas legislature. This includes instruments of the state such as the state universities and the county governments. That is what is written. See the Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Bill of Rights.

And no statute can over-ride the United States or Kansas Constitution by a Senator named Tim Owens.  This case goes to trial April 30, 2009. The Kansas Constitution does not state the legislators can ignore their constitutional duties or fail to inadequately fund the operation of state entities.  (Remember Montoy and Judge Bullock) because of fear they might not get elected if the fulfull their Constitutional duties.

Nor does it provide the county governmments are to be the source of funds for the state of Kansas.  It is supposed to be the legislature's duties to fund the county goverments, since they are instruments of the state. So clearly, some of the politicans in the Kansas legislature are more concerned about their re-election than they are in keeping their oath of office.

Organizations that I have supported, or had some affiliation with to try and make America a better nation include, but are not limited to:

Public Citizen, Center for Equal Opportunity, AARP, DAV, DRC, ADAPT, Federal, state and local government entities including FDA, VA, HHS, DOJ; Supreme Court of the United States and lower federal courts. The Kansas Supreme Court and its lower courts.

Honors and Memberships: CLEO Associate, Thurgood Marshall, American Bar Association (2002).
Who’s Who in Science and Technology (1996), Politics (2006) and in Writing (2009).Kansas Authors Club 2006). Kansas Young Democrat Delegate (2002). Kansas Legislative Intern (2003). Founding Member, United We Stand (1994). Member, International Association of Credit Card Investigators, (1993) Vice President, Merriam Kansas Jaycees (1989). Certified Biomedical Technician (1985). Registered Represensative, Waddell and Reed (financial services), AFL-CIO Union Member (1976-78).

Education: Invited to attend Harvard Graduate School, John F. Kennedy Center for Public Policy (2006).
Completed one year of law school, Washburn University (2003). Completed a Master of Arts Degree, Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University, (1997). Completed a Bachelors of Science Degree, Park University (1986). Completed an Associate of Arts Degree, Highland Junior Community College (1979). Completed Maur Hill Prepatory High School, Atchison, Kansas (1971).

Work Experience: Civil rights activist, writer and statesman (1994-Present).

1996-1998, Fortune 50 Consultant specializing in database applications.

1989-1994, National Credit Fraud Investigator, Fortune 50 company

1987-1989, Federal Civil Service, Internal Revenue Service

1987 Federal Civil Service, Management Analyst, Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII

Prior to 1987-Positions in business management, health care and electronics that combine to give me a broad and wide perspective in many industries.

I acknowledge I have not won the Nobel Prize.  But I certainly think I am more than a relatively unknown person who resides in the congressional district and is running for United States Congress.  I do try to be humble.  And getting better at it.  So this post is merely to ensure some in the media clearly understand I am known all over America. 

Military Experience: Honorably Discharged, Disabled and Decorated Viet Nam Era Veteran, U.S. Navy, Submarine qualified, (1972-76).

If you want more, I can also send you my resume upon email request.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for some gratitude-Have a happy Thanksgiving

Ok, the big show was last night and I want to thank the Kansas Young GOP at KU for hosting the candidate forum.  I also want to thank Mr. Moore for announcing his retirement after many years of public service that includes bringing us fiscal irresponsiblity, his avid support for partial birth abortions, unemployment and a whole list of other things.

Finally, I want to thank the other three candidates for having the confidence and courage to campaign; regardless of Moore's status.  Clearly, we four are leaders.  All four of us want major federal tax reform.  We do differ in what that tax reform should be.  More on this later. 

Anyone that files after Moore resigned clearly will be lacking confidence and are merely opportunists.  We four were confident we could beat Moore in 2010.  I told the Kansas GOP HQ before Moore announced he was retiring, I was confident I could beat Moore myself; regardless of what party I ran for. 

The rest of the Johnnie and Susie come lately opportunistic candidates must not have the confidence we do.  Maybe if they had the vision, courage and leadership, they might have started running a tad bit earlier. 

Good luck catching up with us.  I already have all my campaign materials ready to go.  But even more important than campaign materials or campaign funds, it is what I have learned from the residents of the 3rd District that is important. 

I have been listening to the residents of not only the 3rd but also the state of Kansas and the nation.  It is important to me to obtain what the consensus of the voters want.  I was at the first Tea Party in February 2009. I have talked with and emailed Amanda Grosserode many times.  She and I disagree on the FAIR Tax.  It is not a Fair Tax. 

Add the Fair Tax to the local municipal tax and are you willing to pay 30-35 cents on every dollar you spend?  How is that a Fair Tax?  That is a regressive tax. Further, the Fair Tax from what I was told at the forum, no corporation would pay any taxes at all.  Just individuals. 

How is that a Fair Tax?  I got a better name for this kind of tax, but I better be polite and not state what I really think of HR25.  Other than to state this is dead legislation.  Amanda is a good person. 

I merely believe she has been misinformed by Eric Sonetag at the Americans for Prosperity HQ in Topeka.  The Fair Tax is for the rich and corporate America.  Try to not to get suckered into stupid ideas like HR 25.  It was dead years ago when it was a hot topic.  Merely research consumption and flat taxes on Google.  I did.  It is still,  and will remain dead and a huge waste of paper.  I do support major tax reform.  I do not support HR 25--a regressive consumption tax.  There are far better ways to bring tax relief to the middle class and I will be addressing those later in the campaign.  I already have a white paper on tax reform.  It is merely to early to publish at this early stage of the congressional campaign.

On other topics and issues, I am listening and I want your input.  I am merely asking you, the people to give me a job with the federal government, legislative branch--to be your congressman.  You are my employer.

Naturally, as your employee, it is your responsibilty to give me my work assignments of what you want and expect from me as your congressman.  And I do understand the difference between love of nation (United States) and your frustration with the current employees of the federal government (yahoo politicians). 

To get elected, President Obama stated he was going to bring us hope and change.  Well, he brought us change.  That is for sure. Unlike the Obama administration, I told the audience I was going to bring them vision, leadership and dollars.  I had the Bible with me and would have sworn to do the very best I could as your next congressman.   

I often wonder why the Obama administration only want to give you change?  Most of us never did understand what change was he talking about?  Well, we do now.  His change was changing the word bailout to stimulus, cap and trade (I refer to it as crap and trap), higher federal taxes and forcing you to get health insurance by federal mandate.  Change meant secret meetings with the health insurance and drug industry cutting deals with them. (Feb. 2009).

Change meant instead of promoting economic growth and rebuilding our national infrastructure over the long term  giving money to all the whiny governors of every state lacking any nexus to the federal government.  (This is a short term fix instead of a long term solution that even the OMB stated would fail).  Change meant the first major depression in April 2009 based on most economic standards such as revised GDP (gross domestic product).  We are close to having a national unemployment rate of 11%. 

Obama promised he would save and create millions of jobs.  He promised he would bring the troops home from Iraq-instead of merely transferring them to Afghanistan.  He promised to close GITMO by the end of the year.  Well, isn't that in less than 40 days?  Our national leaders have not even decided where yet.  Was he really honest with us?  Or just giving us moore-like political rhetoric.

If I am elected to be your next congressman (which is looking better every day), one of the first pieces of legislation I would like to introduce and seek co-sponsors is a simple bill-that anyone campaigning for the office of President in 2012 must provide a certified and authenticated birth certificate upon filing for that office that conclusively establishes they have the right to run for the office of President of the United States.

That kind of bill is leadership.  Instead of hope and change, I want to bring you hope, vision, leadership and dollars.  I want to ensure the other politicans and statesmen like myself remember and comply with our United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers.  During the 2008 presidential race, some dems kept reminding us of their slogan--yes we can. 

I often wonder what the dem slogan, yes we can [ do what] meant?  I guess they meant yes we can do anything we want including bringing you socialism and a national unemployment rate projected to hit over 11% soon.  Yes can make promises, but not keep them after the election is over.  Yes we can bring a mortgage system where no one can quailfy to get a mortage.  I for one, have had enough change. 

I want a smaller federal government that does not  infringe on the state of Kansas by telling us Kansans  what we must do via unfunded and unconstitutional mandate related to health insurance.  Or if we do willfully comply, they threaten us, both as employers and as individuals. 

I do not want any more change related to moving our nation further and further away from the intent of our founding fathers and a huge shift further away from our United States Constitution, as written.

Finallly, I do not want a federal government that threatens the people.  We, the people are in charge of the federal government.  We tell the federal government what its job is.  We are the boss.  They are the public servants of we, the people.  If our federal government is not doing what we want them to do, we have accept the responsiblity.  We can fix the past by getting rid of bunch of yahoos that want to send our tax dollars back to their PACS and special interests that heavily contributed to their corrupt campaigns.

Last night, I proposed we become a united nation again, regardless of party affiliation.  I reminded the audience of Dwight Eisenhower and how he brought about one of the greatest economic periods of our country by bringing us the federal interstate highway system.  Thanks, and this is why I like Ike.

 Like Ike, I have the vision to unite us as a nation with leading the efffort to build our nation a heavy rail, high speed rail system.  I called and emailed Warren Buffet yesterday. I asked Mr. Buffet if if I could have a meeting with him related to his recent acquistion of Burlington Northern Railroad.  That acquistion including the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad system.

I am pretty certain Warren Buffet also has vision.  The railroads are private industries. And we can improve rail transport via private industry instead of having to rely on the federal government, or us the federal government's boss to pay for high speed mass transport of both people and goods. 

China is scheduled to complete the largest high speed rail system in the world by 2013.  The Chinese are on schedule.  Here in the United States, we have no high speed heavy rail systems.  Zero.  More details on this vision later. 

Being a leader, instead of some kind of party loyalst, I am going to talking in one of my next posts about another great Kansan, that like Ike, Warren and myself believed transportation was important-Amelia Earhart.  Amelia was from my home town.  I have been by her home along the Missouri River bluffs many times.  But she was more than merely famous aviator.  She was very active in politics and one of the first supporters for the equal rights amendment. 

These two famous Kansans clearly understood how important transportation was to this nation.  And being a native Kansan, I clearly understand why transportation was important; and still is important to this nation's economic prosperity and national security. 

My son, whom I miss dearly, is arriving soon from Texas.  He is a mining engineer.  In his job, his company frequently transports aggregates (rocks) and so he has to work with the railroad industry.  He is well acquainted with some of the problems with the current rail system we have in this nation.

As a father, and being pro-life, I am so glad his mother and I were life-affirming.  And did not get an abortion.  Partial birth or otherwise.  His mother and I are both very fortunate and blessed to have had a son.  Maybe when he was three, I bought him too many Tonka trucks.  He started digging at three and have never stopped digging. 

Above politics and running for Congress, I always remember family is always more important than anything else.  Family is forever.  Running for United States Congress is important, but not forever.  So, for the next few days, I am going to take a holiday break and be grateful I was fortunate to have a son and get to enjoy it with my family. I will be back to work running for Congress Sunday when he leaves.

To those who do not have family and are spending the holiday alone, I suggest to do your best to still be grateful for what you have. I have spent some holidays alone.  I understand what that feels like. I remain positive and grateful every year on Thanksgiving for the people I have in my life that are always there;  should I ever need someone. So, this is a shout out to my good friends also.  I am very grateful for your friendship over the years. 

I am very grateful.  I would be very grateful for your support in assisting me in becoming the next 3rd District Congressman.  My promise to you as my employer and boss is not only hope, but vision, leadership and dollars in your pocket by being like Ike, and keeping narrowly focused on leading the effort to bring high speed heavy rail system to this great nation of ours.

So help me God. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Moore drops out of the congressional race.

First, good.

Second, I want to thank the incumbent for his 10 years of being our 3rd District Congressman. 

Third, as a congressional candidate running against the incumbent for the last five years, I have tremendous respect for his past and difficult years of public service.  I wish the incumbent, his family and his staff members the best going foward.

Now I better go.  Lots of preparation left for the congressional forum tomorrow night at KU. 

Signed and dated, this the 23rd day of November 2009

Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for the 3rd District.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Support Campaign Finance Reform-Oppose United PACS of America

First, in my televised debate in 2006, all congressional candidates were asked 10 questions in that forum.  I was well prepared on issues.  I was most proud of my response related to being the only congressional candidate (out of all 15 Kansas congressional candidates in all four districts) that was opposed to the war in Iraq and wanting our troops home.  And I have not changed from that position. 

And I certainly do not want to send a total of 180,000 troops to Afghanistan until I clearly know what the criteria is for our nation to win this zany "war on terrorism."  Rhetorically, how will us Americans and our troops at risk know when to celebrate our victory?

Will the federal government tell us when we have won this "war on terror"?  Or once again, is Afghanistan merely  Viet Nam, Part III, absent the military draft?  The way the federal government ensured students did not oppose the war in Iraq or Afghanistan was no military draft.

 Instead, they took our state militia (Kansas National Guard) instead of drafting college students.  So, the federal government did one learn one thing from Viet Nam-no draft.  Instead, take each state's militia and have 40% of them fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and use the other 60% from the active duty military.

And then to top this off, screw the state militia by extending their enlistment by force with no recouse. As well as ensure when they returned, they could not get their old jobs back. Another trick I found out about was a young man at the local hardware store.  He told me he was joining the US Navy and they were paying him $23, 000 to enlist.  WOW.  And unbelievable. 

In my last post yesterday, I stated I was adopting in part, my new nickname is Dwight.  Naturally, that was in part chosen because of Dwight Eisenhowser.  Dwight warned us Americans before leaving the Oval Office  Jan. 17, 1961 about the dangers of the miltitary-industrial complex. His quote is worth remembering:

". . . we must guard against the acquistion of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex". 

Rock on Dwight  for the warning that is just as relevant now, as it was in 1961.  And thanks for  the federal interstate system/economic growth we got because of it.  Can we build a transportation system that will bring huge economic growth that benefits all Americans again?

 If Dwight were alive today, he would also be issuing a warning about the drug, health insurance and medical provider complex making secret deals with the Obama administration in Feb. 2009.  I imagine any federal government that mandates its citizens to be forced to have health insurance may make Dwight jump out of his grave screaming, "oh hell no." 

However, if I told Ike I thought a good idea for economic growth for America in the 21st century, would be a high speed heavy rail transport system (bullet trains for people and goods), I am pretty certain he would say, "Oh hell yes.  Rock on Scherer.  You got my vote. Let me contact ACORN and I am sure I can vote for you several times in different states even if I am dead."

Second, as a disabled veteran, honorable discharged and service decorated, just like Mr. Gilyeat, I am tired of our troops dying on foreign soil being policeman in foreign nations.  Our troops, including our Kansas National Guard were never meant to be foreign police departments; nor did our founding fathers ever want us to infringe on another nation's sovereignty.  I support the wisdom of our founding fathers and the United States Constitution.

Third, being honest, I was stumped and not prepared by one issue raised by one of panel members questions related to campaign finance reform.  I really had to wing my response to the question posed by the Kansas City Star reporter.  As a congressional candidate, we need to be ready to address around 65 major issues at any given moment.  Believe me, this is not easy.  However, not being prepared for this question bothered me personally after that event.

So from that point on, I have done my homework and research related to campaign finance reform.  I hereby want to make public for the residents of the 3rd District, this public statement:

* * * * PUBLIC POLICY STATEMENT NO. 1 * * * * * *

Political action committees, hereafter PACS are a dominant force in who gets elected to represent you in Washington, DC.  Instead of the United States of America, their power and influence in federal legislation almost warrants renaming our country the United PACS of America.  Their power in Washington continues to grow as these special interest groups continue to create a very high risk of subjecting politicians to the gateway to corruption. 

For example, the drug industry has more lobbyists in Washington DC than there are congressman.  Hence, why we all continue to pay so much for prescriptions and cannot get prescriptions from international sources such as Canada or Mexico.  The drug industry has offered in 2011, to reduce the costs of prescriptions by 8 billion.  Hence, the way they are going to do this, is this year, they increased the cost of prescriptions by the largest amount they could.  (around 9.2%).  Which far exceeds their proposed reductions of 8 billion in 2011. 

I propose one campaign  finance reform would be the elimination of PACS being able to make political contributions, period.  There are now over 1600 PACS registered with the Federal Election Commission.  These PACS have bought many politicans and are the source of major campaign contributions. 

Merely ask or review the record of contributions the incumbent congressman gets, and will get from PACS.  Further, in a taped statement, the incumbent  stated he regarded one of my fellow congressional candidates,  a disabled war veteran and former Marine, Daniel Gilyeat as "white trash."

Fourth, the recent recorded statement by the incumbent regarding one of the filed congressional candidates really bothers me.  As well as suggests certain things about the incumbent.  Mr. Gilyeat just happens to be a a native American, Dennis.  So I guess this makes you as the incumbent an uninformed racist. 

In regard to PACS, I continue to refuse to be bought or bribed by PACS unlike the incumbent.  That will remain my policy regarding PACS.  I flatly will refuse and will return any contributions from PACS, period.  The only contributions that I will accept in support of my candidacy are contributions from individuals.  I am not running for the United States of PACS.  I am running for Congress for the United States of America on behalf of the individual.  And this is what our founding fathers envisioned.  (For example, refer to the Federalist Papers). 

Our founding fathers supported the belief that the strength of our nation was dependent upon the individual.  Not the governments and not commerical enterprises like corporations.  Our nation was built upon the backs of individuals--not corporate entities.  Our founding fathers wanted a limited federal government.  So much so, they enumerated and limited the power of the legislative branch.  Too many of our politicans abuse the commerce clause and funnel far too much money to corporate entites citing to economic development. One of our Kansas congressman gave over 50% of his earmarks this year to corporations-your federal tax dollars.  And now he wants to be a United States Senator.  I will not be endorsing this candidate for the United States Senate. 

Join me in stopping the abuse of power and potential corruption brought to you via the United PACS of America. Demand it.  Campaign Finance Reform.  Let's get rid of PACS and their ability to buy congressman like the incumbent who will advocate for their special interests, contrary to you, the individual.

We are.

Finally, the incumbent stated he had 7 million for the 2010 election. Where did the incumbent get 7 million dollars? He only makes around 175,000 as a congressman. Even if he saved every penny of his paycheck, that would only amount to around 1.75 million over the last 10 years. His public financial statement filed this year with the Clerk of the House of Representatives only reports his net worth between 200 hundred and 700 hundred thousand. So where is this 7 million dollars coming from, if not from PACS? Or is the incumbent hoarding cash in his freezer at home?

We wonder.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two words-Dwight Unite

Ok fellow residents of Kansas.  Tuesday is showtime.  My first big appearance at a congressional forum with other congressional candidates at KU around 6:30.  I want to leave that event kicking off my congressional campaign with those two words-"DWIGHT UNITE".

 I will explain those words as I am sitting here getting prepared for participating and clearly establishing why I am the best congressional candidate for the 3rd Congressional District; as well as all congressional candidates in Kansas in more detail after the Tuesday congressional forum. 

One of the important rhetorical questions in this preparation is what message can I deliver that will unite, inspire and motivate the residents of Kansas to support and vote for me to be their congressman?  How can I improve candidate awareness and get the residents of Kansas to remember who is Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer?  Who is this Scherer guy?  I frequently hear Thomas who?  Never heard of that dude? 

So, one of the goals after leaving that forum is name recognition-So merely remember those two simple words-dwight unite. People will be stating after Tuesday, dwight unite-what the heck is that?  Who came up with that kind of slogan and what does it mean?  Later in this blog, you will be the first to know. And maybe you can help me a little bit in explain to others why I adopt that as my campaign slogan and my new nickname. So this congressional race, you are welcome to call me, Tom, Thomas or by new nickname, 'Dwight Unite" Scherer.   

One of the qualities of a great leader requires vision--vision that will bring economic prosperity not only to a particular community, congressional district or the whole state of Kansas, but to our entire country.  How can I, one simple congressional candidate help lead the effort to unite the political division in this country?  Rhetorically, how can I be like the other great leaders of not only Kansas, but of our nation?

In reflection and preparation, I merely think of transportation and two famous Kansans.  One was from my home town of Atchison, Kansas-she was a woman.  Another great leader from Kansas was from Abilene, Kansas.  They both understood how important transportation was to our nation.  So like those two great Kansans, I too am going to keep my campaign simple and focused. 

Transportation is the key to uniting our nation regardless of party planks and platforms.  Transportation and reindustrialization of America is an issue that I hear repeatedly in talking with people regardless of where they reside and regardless of party affilation. 

JFK also understood how important transportation is to America.  His vision got us to the moon.  The key to uniting our nation relates to transportation.  And that is what made America a great nation.  And that is one thing that will unite us again as a nation-a nation that unites and supports a vision related to transportation. 

It is time to reindustrialze America, rebuild our economic base, and return jobs back to America.  That plan and vision for the 21st Century begins Tuesday at KU.  Be there.  And when you leave, it is ok to merely remember and refer to my new middle nickname as Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer.

And then you too, will understand why Scherer is simply the best congressional candidate for the state of Kansas. You will understand why he is a leader and sets aside political ideology and stays focused on what is best for our nation, our state and our local communities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now appearing at the 3rd District Congressional forum

Despite the media refusing to acknowledge I am filed as a congressional candidate, the reality is that I am.  Merely go to  I guess Steve Rose at the JOCO Sun and Steve Kraske at the KC Red Star prefer the residents of the 3rd District only know about some of the filed congressional candidates.  The local media is not to be trusted in politics.  They have a special pro-business bias based on ad revenues.  I personally have more confidence in the Internet political forums because they have no vested interest in generating ad revenue.  Those political bloggers, like Scherer merely want the very best candidates elected to our United States Congress. 

It also appears some of the conservatives want to refuse to acknowledge the fact I am a filed GOP candidate.  Regardless, I will make it quite clear I am running Nov. 24th on the KU campus at the congressional forum.  Hope you can attend so you can clearly understand why I am the best candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.

Furthermore, I am not like the incumbent Dennis Moore.  Nor do I want to be.  I believe in the United States Constitution; as well as not representing any special interest group like some of these politicians.  Hope to see some of you there.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Got your JOCO real estate property tax bill yet? I did.

November 13, 2009

If you are a homeowner in JOCO, your real estate tax statement is now available on-line at the county web site.  Boy, are you going to be surprised like I was.  I was hit with 3% increase in real estate property taxes.  I have the data for the entire subdivision where I reside.  For the 151 homes in my subdivision (Quaker Ridge), the tax increases were on all properties due to mill levy increases. Which is going to really make it difficult to win an appeal since the tax increase was not based on property valuation. It may be warranted for some attorney to file a class action.   

The tax increases ranged from 1.6 to 6.2 percent.  Yet, there was no decreases in property valuation.  Which I still have to determine why.  What you have to determine is whether you are going to appeal or merely join the case I have going to trial on April 30, 2009 against the county challenging the JOCO real estate tax appeal process.  And remember, the county government is merely considered to be an instrument of the state.

The politicians in the Kansas legislature do not raise taxes (allegedly although almost consistently, tax receipts always go up in hidden taxes); so instead, they force the counties to raise your property taxes.  .  The Kansas Constitution clearly places the burden on the state legislature for funding state programs.  So, be nice to the folks at JOCO KS government.  It is not their fault.  The fault lies with the politicians in the Kansas legislature whom consistently fail to follow the Kansas Constitution including their duties as elected officials. 

Most of us know this is a sham process.  What many may not know, is there was an amendment to House Bill 2018 taking away your right to appeal any sham process you have to endure by JOCO or the Court of Tax Appeals. 

So, if you feel like you have been deprived your due process rights like I do, I suggest you might to join my case set for trial on April 30.  As allowed by Kansas tax appeal regulations (KAR).  What I hope you the voter and non-voter remember is that I am doing this on your behalf.  It is my goal to restore your procedural rights to have your appeal heard in JOCO District Court, instead of all of us having to travel to Topeka to have the case heard by the Kansas Court of Appeals.

More than likely, since every hearing in this process is before an official of the state of Kansas, your chances of getting a fair hearing are about zero.  The final stage of challenging your real estate tax assessment is either the Kansas Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court.

In regard to me, I intend to take this sham process to the United States Supreme Court.  Which happens to be the only place you can go on an appeal before someone not paid by the state of Kansas.  Which will be my 10th case either docketed or attempted to docket at SCOTUS. 

Why don't you join my case and stand up for your rights to argue unfavorable and rigged real estate tax cases back to our county state district court.  We need to fight the amendment to HB 2018 (sponsored by former state rep, and now a Kansas Senator Tim Owens),

I called and faxed a letter to Senator Owens inquiring to what the heck was he thinking by taking away our constitutional right to due process in our county state district court.  To date, Senator Owens has refused to communicate with me.  Can't blame you Senator?  If I took away a right to every homeowner in Kansas, I would not return  phone calls either.  But you might be able to explain your rationale on April 30th when I subpoena you to appear in court.

In closing, just be glad you do not have to endure the taxes of WYCO.  Which are even worse.  That is the No. 1 concern of their residents.  And I intend to do whatever I can to help those people in WYCO, JOCO, and DG counties during this 2010 congressional campaign by doing stuff now earning your vote.  So once again, it is Take Action Scherer fighting for your rights.  I merely wonder what the incumbent and the 2010 congressional candidates are doing to deserve and earn your vote?

Signed Thomas E.Scherer,
The 3rd District Congressional candidate earning your vote before being elected.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Challenging the KS real estate tax appraisal process

As promised on this blog, a scheduling conference was held today (Nov. 10th) and a court hearing date was set for April 30, 2010.  While other candidates are asking for your money, I am trying to do my best to put money in your pocket (provided you are a homeowner in Kansas). 

In 2008, the Kansas legislature took away your right during a real estate tax appeal one of the stages of the process-your right to have a hearing if you did not feel you had a fair hearing by the county or the BOTA (now called the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals).

 In 2008, the Kansas legislature took away your right to have a hearing in your local state district court.  Instead of appearing in your local county court, you now have to appeal to the Kansas Court of Appeals in Topeka.  This was done intentionally and contrary to your best interests. 

To me, it violates fundamental due process rights.  And like I have done many times before, I am going to do something about this kind of nonsense.  So, as we stated in prior campaigns, we believe in taking action before the election-not promising campaign rhetoric of what Scherer will do, if and when he is elected. 

It is my position the amendments to the real estate tax appraisal process will not meet constitutional muster.  Or at least that is one of the legal issues I am arguing before the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  The second issue I will be arguing is related to how it is the responsibility of the Kansas legislature to ensure adequate revenue is taxed to pay for the operation of the state and the county governments. 

What is happening in the Kansas legislature is there are too many politicans and not enough fiscally responsible statemen.  Most of the politicians in the Kansas legislature are afraid to raise taxes directly.  So instead, they let the counties do so via the the real estate comparables nonsense. 

Some of the members of the Kansas legislature are cowards mainly focused on winning elections instead of taking care of their duties as required by the Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Bill of Rights. They are just like the incumbent congressman-do whatever it takes to stay in office. 

My goal is to to ensure the counties are not the favored taxing mechanism in the state of Kansas.  And to force the Kansas legislaturers to stop worrying about their re-election and stop relying on the counties as their taxing mechanism. 

Now what the other congresssional candidates doing to earn your vote?  Other than having meet and greets so they can ask you for your money via a contribution to their campaign.  Merely another bunch of future politicans.  But are any of these yahoos a stateman like the best congressional candidate, Mr. Scherer?