Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for some gratitude-Have a happy Thanksgiving

Ok, the big show was last night and I want to thank the Kansas Young GOP at KU for hosting the candidate forum.  I also want to thank Mr. Moore for announcing his retirement after many years of public service that includes bringing us fiscal irresponsiblity, his avid support for partial birth abortions, unemployment and a whole list of other things.

Finally, I want to thank the other three candidates for having the confidence and courage to campaign; regardless of Moore's status.  Clearly, we four are leaders.  All four of us want major federal tax reform.  We do differ in what that tax reform should be.  More on this later. 

Anyone that files after Moore resigned clearly will be lacking confidence and are merely opportunists.  We four were confident we could beat Moore in 2010.  I told the Kansas GOP HQ before Moore announced he was retiring, I was confident I could beat Moore myself; regardless of what party I ran for. 

The rest of the Johnnie and Susie come lately opportunistic candidates must not have the confidence we do.  Maybe if they had the vision, courage and leadership, they might have started running a tad bit earlier. 

Good luck catching up with us.  I already have all my campaign materials ready to go.  But even more important than campaign materials or campaign funds, it is what I have learned from the residents of the 3rd District that is important. 

I have been listening to the residents of not only the 3rd but also the state of Kansas and the nation.  It is important to me to obtain what the consensus of the voters want.  I was at the first Tea Party in February 2009. I have talked with and emailed Amanda Grosserode many times.  She and I disagree on the FAIR Tax.  It is not a Fair Tax. 

Add the Fair Tax to the local municipal tax and are you willing to pay 30-35 cents on every dollar you spend?  How is that a Fair Tax?  That is a regressive tax. Further, the Fair Tax from what I was told at the forum, no corporation would pay any taxes at all.  Just individuals. 

How is that a Fair Tax?  I got a better name for this kind of tax, but I better be polite and not state what I really think of HR25.  Other than to state this is dead legislation.  Amanda is a good person. 

I merely believe she has been misinformed by Eric Sonetag at the Americans for Prosperity HQ in Topeka.  The Fair Tax is for the rich and corporate America.  Try to not to get suckered into stupid ideas like HR 25.  It was dead years ago when it was a hot topic.  Merely research consumption and flat taxes on Google.  I did.  It is still,  and will remain dead and a huge waste of paper.  I do support major tax reform.  I do not support HR 25--a regressive consumption tax.  There are far better ways to bring tax relief to the middle class and I will be addressing those later in the campaign.  I already have a white paper on tax reform.  It is merely to early to publish at this early stage of the congressional campaign.

On other topics and issues, I am listening and I want your input.  I am merely asking you, the people to give me a job with the federal government, legislative branch--to be your congressman.  You are my employer.

Naturally, as your employee, it is your responsibilty to give me my work assignments of what you want and expect from me as your congressman.  And I do understand the difference between love of nation (United States) and your frustration with the current employees of the federal government (yahoo politicians). 

To get elected, President Obama stated he was going to bring us hope and change.  Well, he brought us change.  That is for sure. Unlike the Obama administration, I told the audience I was going to bring them vision, leadership and dollars.  I had the Bible with me and would have sworn to do the very best I could as your next congressman.   

I often wonder why the Obama administration only want to give you change?  Most of us never did understand what change was he talking about?  Well, we do now.  His change was changing the word bailout to stimulus, cap and trade (I refer to it as crap and trap), higher federal taxes and forcing you to get health insurance by federal mandate.  Change meant secret meetings with the health insurance and drug industry cutting deals with them. (Feb. 2009).

Change meant instead of promoting economic growth and rebuilding our national infrastructure over the long term  giving money to all the whiny governors of every state lacking any nexus to the federal government.  (This is a short term fix instead of a long term solution that even the OMB stated would fail).  Change meant the first major depression in April 2009 based on most economic standards such as revised GDP (gross domestic product).  We are close to having a national unemployment rate of 11%. 

Obama promised he would save and create millions of jobs.  He promised he would bring the troops home from Iraq-instead of merely transferring them to Afghanistan.  He promised to close GITMO by the end of the year.  Well, isn't that in less than 40 days?  Our national leaders have not even decided where yet.  Was he really honest with us?  Or just giving us moore-like political rhetoric.

If I am elected to be your next congressman (which is looking better every day), one of the first pieces of legislation I would like to introduce and seek co-sponsors is a simple bill-that anyone campaigning for the office of President in 2012 must provide a certified and authenticated birth certificate upon filing for that office that conclusively establishes they have the right to run for the office of President of the United States.

That kind of bill is leadership.  Instead of hope and change, I want to bring you hope, vision, leadership and dollars.  I want to ensure the other politicans and statesmen like myself remember and comply with our United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers.  During the 2008 presidential race, some dems kept reminding us of their slogan--yes we can. 

I often wonder what the dem slogan, yes we can [ do what] meant?  I guess they meant yes we can do anything we want including bringing you socialism and a national unemployment rate projected to hit over 11% soon.  Yes can make promises, but not keep them after the election is over.  Yes we can bring a mortgage system where no one can quailfy to get a mortage.  I for one, have had enough change. 

I want a smaller federal government that does not  infringe on the state of Kansas by telling us Kansans  what we must do via unfunded and unconstitutional mandate related to health insurance.  Or if we do willfully comply, they threaten us, both as employers and as individuals. 

I do not want any more change related to moving our nation further and further away from the intent of our founding fathers and a huge shift further away from our United States Constitution, as written.

Finallly, I do not want a federal government that threatens the people.  We, the people are in charge of the federal government.  We tell the federal government what its job is.  We are the boss.  They are the public servants of we, the people.  If our federal government is not doing what we want them to do, we have accept the responsiblity.  We can fix the past by getting rid of bunch of yahoos that want to send our tax dollars back to their PACS and special interests that heavily contributed to their corrupt campaigns.

Last night, I proposed we become a united nation again, regardless of party affiliation.  I reminded the audience of Dwight Eisenhower and how he brought about one of the greatest economic periods of our country by bringing us the federal interstate highway system.  Thanks, and this is why I like Ike.

 Like Ike, I have the vision to unite us as a nation with leading the efffort to build our nation a heavy rail, high speed rail system.  I called and emailed Warren Buffet yesterday. I asked Mr. Buffet if if I could have a meeting with him related to his recent acquistion of Burlington Northern Railroad.  That acquistion including the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad system.

I am pretty certain Warren Buffet also has vision.  The railroads are private industries. And we can improve rail transport via private industry instead of having to rely on the federal government, or us the federal government's boss to pay for high speed mass transport of both people and goods. 

China is scheduled to complete the largest high speed rail system in the world by 2013.  The Chinese are on schedule.  Here in the United States, we have no high speed heavy rail systems.  Zero.  More details on this vision later. 

Being a leader, instead of some kind of party loyalst, I am going to talking in one of my next posts about another great Kansan, that like Ike, Warren and myself believed transportation was important-Amelia Earhart.  Amelia was from my home town.  I have been by her home along the Missouri River bluffs many times.  But she was more than merely famous aviator.  She was very active in politics and one of the first supporters for the equal rights amendment. 

These two famous Kansans clearly understood how important transportation was to this nation.  And being a native Kansan, I clearly understand why transportation was important; and still is important to this nation's economic prosperity and national security. 

My son, whom I miss dearly, is arriving soon from Texas.  He is a mining engineer.  In his job, his company frequently transports aggregates (rocks) and so he has to work with the railroad industry.  He is well acquainted with some of the problems with the current rail system we have in this nation.

As a father, and being pro-life, I am so glad his mother and I were life-affirming.  And did not get an abortion.  Partial birth or otherwise.  His mother and I are both very fortunate and blessed to have had a son.  Maybe when he was three, I bought him too many Tonka trucks.  He started digging at three and have never stopped digging. 

Above politics and running for Congress, I always remember family is always more important than anything else.  Family is forever.  Running for United States Congress is important, but not forever.  So, for the next few days, I am going to take a holiday break and be grateful I was fortunate to have a son and get to enjoy it with my family. I will be back to work running for Congress Sunday when he leaves.

To those who do not have family and are spending the holiday alone, I suggest to do your best to still be grateful for what you have. I have spent some holidays alone.  I understand what that feels like. I remain positive and grateful every year on Thanksgiving for the people I have in my life that are always there;  should I ever need someone. So, this is a shout out to my good friends also.  I am very grateful for your friendship over the years. 

I am very grateful.  I would be very grateful for your support in assisting me in becoming the next 3rd District Congressman.  My promise to you as my employer and boss is not only hope, but vision, leadership and dollars in your pocket by being like Ike, and keeping narrowly focused on leading the effort to bring high speed heavy rail system to this great nation of ours.

So help me God. 

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