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Tom who? Political Biography of Thomas E. Scherer

I keep getting asked by some for a political biography.  I agree this is relevant.  And I want to assure you that I am known all over America by some very important people--not merely as one newspaper recently reported, "a relatively unknown person in the congressional district." To which they agreed to make a correction, but did not.

Some of these local media people want to bias the election and apparently do not want you the residents of this state to even know I am a filed candidate for United States Congress.  A willful, knowing and intentional omission.  Merely see the Wednesday edition of the JOCO Sun that omitted me entirely as a filed candidate for United States Congress.  See  And it is just not me they are biased against, they also are biased against some of the other candidates as well. 

To which I state, do not trust the media.  Particularily some of the biased reporters, publishers and editors at the KC Star, the Johnson County Sun, and even some of the local TV and radio stations.  Especially KCTV5. These media sources are not owned by Kansans.  They are owned by out of state corporations.

These media outlets are pro-business because they derive their major source of revenues from big corporate ads-advertising.  These media sources do not care about you, the individual or reporting the facts or omitting fact.  They only care about their bottom line and making profits.  I continue to suggest better facts witihout bias can be obtained from blogs and the internet.  It comes of no surprise to me many of these media sources are failing. 

Political Biography of Thomas E. Scherer,
Candidate, United States Congress,
3rd Congressional District (2010)

Personal information: Mr. Scherer is a native Kansan born in Atchison Kansas Oct 2, 1953 (Current age-57). Mr. Scherer is a single parent having actively raised one son, Jacob. Scherer has resided at 7916 West 60th St., Merriam (Johnson County), Kansas for the past 18 years. Mr. Scherer’s personal telephone number is (913) 403-8584. His current email address is

Mr. Scherer also maintains an interactive blog at He encourages those whom reside in the 3rd Congressional District (Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties) to communicate to help him better understand what a consensus of the voters and non-voters want from their elected congressman.

Mr. Scherer seeks that consensus rather than merely express his personal beliefs. Unlike most political candidates, Scherer represents no special interests, groups or organizations. His candidacy is based on what is best for our nation and for the individuals that live in the United States.

Mr. Scherer is a statesman politically; instead of merely another rhetorical politician. Mr. Scherer has and will continue to advocate as a congressman, or as an advocate for those issues that benefit the individual first, followed by the nation including both non-profit and profit institutions.

Mr. Scherer in making decisions broadly supports the public, national, state and local interest before considering party platform. Mr. Scherer has been in both the GOP and Democratic party as a congressional candidate. Mr. Scherer as a statesman has broad-based support across party lines to all political parties including independents based on his political leadership; instead of merely being merely another run-of the mill politician following a particular party platform. Mr. Scherer supports the best political thought regardless of party affiliation.

Mr. Scherer has advocated since 1994 at the national, state and local level on behalf of the public interest. This effort has given Mr. Scherer experience in working with various federal, state and local agencies of government. As well as work with national, state and local institutions; both non-profit and for profit.

Mr. Scherer started working on behalf of the public interest actively in 1994 locally, state and at the national level as a disability rights activist. Around 2002, Mr. Scherer then extended advocacy into civil rights work. In 2004, Mr. Scherer then entered the congressional race having filed with the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Scherer’s goal and motivation is centered on a simple fundamental belief—that one person can still make the United States a better place for many.

Political Goals: To ensure the federal government reduces its scope and size. As well as stops expanding the current administration's efforts to move our country further into democratic-led socialism.

As a fiscal conservative, ensure tax and earmark reform; as well as preserving Kansas sovereignty and ensuring there is no purpose in any further federal interference in Kansas’s state sovereignty.

I support the individual as the basis for what made America a great nation. In our nation, the individual comes first. I support a free market economy and the idea that the less the federal government gets involved in our individual affairs, the better and more prosperous our nation Kansas and our congressional district will be--whether that be in business, health care, education or in our homes.

Mr. Scherer is an experienced candidate for having campaigned continuously since 2004 to better represent the 3rd Congressional District of Kansas.

Current works in process related to the public interest (2009):

1. Advocating for modifications to the state and county method of real estate tax appraisals using comparables forcing residents out of their homes. I support Prop K as proposed, subject to minor revisions as a better method of determining real estate property taxes in Kansas.

2. Advocating for changes to the methods employed by the Veteran's Administration to ensure veterans claim processes are improved; as well as seeing that veterans are entitled to a cost recovery for expenses incurred in claim processing

3. Advocate for our troops and National Guard members to return home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP. I also support those troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to have federal statutory protection to ensure they have the right to return to their employment they held prior to being deployed.

4. Challenging the real estate comparables process in Kansas as a sham process including challenging Substitute for HB 2018 sponsored  by now Senator Tim Owens as being a violation of our United States and Kansas Constitution for depriving Kansas homeowners the fundamental and important procedural due process right to have a jury trial in one's state district court. 

See the United States Constitution, 5th, 7th and 14th Amendment; as well as the Kansas Constituion including the Kansas Bill of Rights that states the right to a jury trial is inviolate. As well as ensures all of our rights to procedural due process.

Further, the Kansas legislature is required to ensure all state expenditures are done by the Kansas legislature. This includes instruments of the state such as the state universities and the county governments. That is what is written. See the Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Bill of Rights.

And no statute can over-ride the United States or Kansas Constitution by a Senator named Tim Owens.  This case goes to trial April 30, 2009. The Kansas Constitution does not state the legislators can ignore their constitutional duties or fail to inadequately fund the operation of state entities.  (Remember Montoy and Judge Bullock) because of fear they might not get elected if the fulfull their Constitutional duties.

Nor does it provide the county governmments are to be the source of funds for the state of Kansas.  It is supposed to be the legislature's duties to fund the county goverments, since they are instruments of the state. So clearly, some of the politicans in the Kansas legislature are more concerned about their re-election than they are in keeping their oath of office.

Organizations that I have supported, or had some affiliation with to try and make America a better nation include, but are not limited to:

Public Citizen, Center for Equal Opportunity, AARP, DAV, DRC, ADAPT, Federal, state and local government entities including FDA, VA, HHS, DOJ; Supreme Court of the United States and lower federal courts. The Kansas Supreme Court and its lower courts.

Honors and Memberships: CLEO Associate, Thurgood Marshall, American Bar Association (2002).
Who’s Who in Science and Technology (1996), Politics (2006) and in Writing (2009).Kansas Authors Club 2006). Kansas Young Democrat Delegate (2002). Kansas Legislative Intern (2003). Founding Member, United We Stand (1994). Member, International Association of Credit Card Investigators, (1993) Vice President, Merriam Kansas Jaycees (1989). Certified Biomedical Technician (1985). Registered Represensative, Waddell and Reed (financial services), AFL-CIO Union Member (1976-78).

Education: Invited to attend Harvard Graduate School, John F. Kennedy Center for Public Policy (2006).
Completed one year of law school, Washburn University (2003). Completed a Master of Arts Degree, Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University, (1997). Completed a Bachelors of Science Degree, Park University (1986). Completed an Associate of Arts Degree, Highland Junior Community College (1979). Completed Maur Hill Prepatory High School, Atchison, Kansas (1971).

Work Experience: Civil rights activist, writer and statesman (1994-Present).

1996-1998, Fortune 50 Consultant specializing in database applications.

1989-1994, National Credit Fraud Investigator, Fortune 50 company

1987-1989, Federal Civil Service, Internal Revenue Service

1987 Federal Civil Service, Management Analyst, Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII

Prior to 1987-Positions in business management, health care and electronics that combine to give me a broad and wide perspective in many industries.

I acknowledge I have not won the Nobel Prize.  But I certainly think I am more than a relatively unknown person who resides in the congressional district and is running for United States Congress.  I do try to be humble.  And getting better at it.  So this post is merely to ensure some in the media clearly understand I am known all over America. 

Military Experience: Honorably Discharged, Disabled and Decorated Viet Nam Era Veteran, U.S. Navy, Submarine qualified, (1972-76).

If you want more, I can also send you my resume upon email request.

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