Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Challenging the KS real estate tax appraisal process

As promised on this blog, a scheduling conference was held today (Nov. 10th) and a court hearing date was set for April 30, 2010.  While other candidates are asking for your money, I am trying to do my best to put money in your pocket (provided you are a homeowner in Kansas). 

In 2008, the Kansas legislature took away your right during a real estate tax appeal one of the stages of the process-your right to have a hearing if you did not feel you had a fair hearing by the county or the BOTA (now called the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals).

 In 2008, the Kansas legislature took away your right to have a hearing in your local state district court.  Instead of appearing in your local county court, you now have to appeal to the Kansas Court of Appeals in Topeka.  This was done intentionally and contrary to your best interests. 

To me, it violates fundamental due process rights.  And like I have done many times before, I am going to do something about this kind of nonsense.  So, as we stated in prior campaigns, we believe in taking action before the election-not promising campaign rhetoric of what Scherer will do, if and when he is elected. 

It is my position the amendments to the real estate tax appraisal process will not meet constitutional muster.  Or at least that is one of the legal issues I am arguing before the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  The second issue I will be arguing is related to how it is the responsibility of the Kansas legislature to ensure adequate revenue is taxed to pay for the operation of the state and the county governments. 

What is happening in the Kansas legislature is there are too many politicans and not enough fiscally responsible statemen.  Most of the politicians in the Kansas legislature are afraid to raise taxes directly.  So instead, they let the counties do so via the the real estate comparables nonsense. 

Some of the members of the Kansas legislature are cowards mainly focused on winning elections instead of taking care of their duties as required by the Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Bill of Rights. They are just like the incumbent congressman-do whatever it takes to stay in office. 

My goal is to to ensure the counties are not the favored taxing mechanism in the state of Kansas.  And to force the Kansas legislaturers to stop worrying about their re-election and stop relying on the counties as their taxing mechanism. 

Now what the other congresssional candidates doing to earn your vote?  Other than having meet and greets so they can ask you for your money via a contribution to their campaign.  Merely another bunch of future politicans.  But are any of these yahoos a stateman like the best congressional candidate, Mr. Scherer?


  1. If you're looking for an idea to add to your platform, consider BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS which calls for relocating US Representatives and Senators to our State Capitals and State Representatives and Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms while WE SURROUND THEM. (Art 1, Sec 4 of the US Constitution allows for this)

    Glenn Beck even mentioned the idea on his Nov 11th radio show.

    The audio clip is on our main site

  2. Thanks for your comment. Maybe you can ask for the congressional candidates Nov. 24 at the candidate forum at KU.

    Further, on Halloween, a parent of a costumed person asked me interesting question. He asked me what can hard-working middle class Americans like himself do to "fix" the federal government?

    I liked his comment and it reminded me of JFK's speech where he stated, "Ask not what the US can do for you, ask what you can do for the US".

    The people are the solution to what we are facing as a nation. Not asking the federal government to assume personal responsibility for each person's personal needs. Getting involved and voting out the yahoos that got us into this mess is a good start.


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