Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jobs Created Nonsense

Jobs created?  Obama claims 4.5 million jobs created.  Factual nonsense based on a cherry-picking distortion from the statistics at the United States Department of Labor web site.  The truth is there are 300,000 more jobs since Obama became President in 2009. This is really dismal and can be attributed to population growth.  Romney claims somehow if he is elected he is going to create 12 million jobs.  This is also political rhetorical nonsense.

What does all this rhetorical nonsense tell us?  Neither presidential candidate has a viable plan on how federal government policies can be used to increase the No. 1 political issue-jobs and a sustainable economic recovery as we return into a recession in 2013.

I have a solution-fire Bernake as Fed Chairman, raise interest rates and get rid of these artificially low interest rates as set by the Federal Reserve that merely benefits the federal government's payments on the federal debt. Artificially low interest rates as set by the Federal Reserve is merely an indirect tax on all of us.

Raising interest rates will cause cash to start moving in the economy again leading to investment, jobs, an economic recovery and yes, inflation.  Politically, neither candidate for President wants to be honest with us and talk about these artifical interest rates.

Why not?  What they do not say, is even more important this election that all these statistical distortions about jobs created nonsense.  


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