Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When is it time for us to come together politically?

This shooting in Arizona is a predictable event we referred to in prior posts of this blog related to when our federal government and its yahoo politicans fail to listen to we the people. As anticipated and written about, there will be more bloodshed in America including anticipated riots if the yahoo politicans in Washington and in other governments continue to ignore, we the people. 

When I filed for United States Congress, as a candidate, I too was duly concerned by doing so, of retribution and violence upon me as a candidate.  In fact, while campaigning one time, I was battered in public at a 4th of July celebration in the city of Merriam, Kansas.  Present and as a witness was the city manager of Merriam.  I asked the City of Merriam to prosecute.  They refused. 

So, I then informed the city of Merriam I was going to hire own personal bodyguards which I subsequently did and reported on my federal election campaign finance reports.  Now, as a student of former civil rights leaders that I admire like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Terersa and Ceasar Chavez, I too advocate change via non-violence.  However, I only control myself and have continuously advocated others to non-violence. 

The potential for violence is merely part of the package when anyone runs for elected office.  But like one of the few things I agree with FDR related to fear, the only thing we all have to fear, is fear itself.  We do not have to cower in fear in America.  When isolated incidents of violence occur, we deal with that in civilized manner.

For the city of Merriam to turn an incident of violence against me as a congressional candidate was entirely inappropriate omission by the city of Merriam.  To city officials, apparently their political motivation left me as a congressional candidate with no other options other than to protect myself in a lawful way. 

So, to the yahoo politicans, we can all come together nonviolently when you yahoos do we the people of this country see that you do as you promised getting you elected.  If your campaign rhetoric was merely that, do not be so surprised when some, not me take matters into their own hands. 

Then, if your rhetoric translates to real action as you yahoos promise to get elected, merely changes to business as usual, expect an appropriate reaction from we the people.  We the people are tired of political rhetoric broken post-election and instead, a return to government as usual is not good enough in today's political climate. 

To blame Tea Party patriots, Sarah Palin and others for this isolated incident in Arizona with Rep. Giffords is reprehensible and outright disgusting.  This incident in Arizona was horrible.  The blame belongs to the person that felt compelled to take matters into his hands violently.  And the system will deal with this person consistent with the rule of law in this nation.  And that is what we the people want and expect.  And so was in written in the United States Constitution. 

Now if we can only get most of our yahoo politicans to start complying that founding document, this incident in Arizona may not have happened in the first place.  Later.


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