Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adding Funds to the Campaign

The most recent quarterly filing for the campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission now includes $40, 000. In addition, campaign contributions are now starting to come in. Soliciting campaign contributions to me are one of the worst, but necessary parts of being a politican. Thanks to those who have contributed in the past and who continue to support the campaign. I estimate that it is going to take close to two million dollars to beat the incumbent in 2010. So more than likely, to reach that threshold, I may have to ask for contributions from individuals.

Our campaign does not want PAC or special interest money like the bought incumbent. My goal is not to be influenced or bought by special interests. I am running to support the individual-not special interest groups.

He has been bought so many times, he should set up his campaign HQ in an antique store. Remember, this joker brought you the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. As well as sent National Guard members to fight in foreign nations. Not to mention he is responsible for the worst financial mess since the Great Depression. So, if you want things to keep getting worse, keep voting for the current batch of incumbents.

We are not.

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Merely remember if I am elected to Congress, you the individual are my boss. PACS, Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups, sorry, but just go away. Americans are tired of the United PACS of America buying and corrupting our congressman and Senators. Our candidate is not for sale.

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