Friday, August 21, 2009

Working together to obtain better congressional representation

It appears there are going to be several GOP candidates filing soon with the Federal Election Commission for the 3rd Congressional District which I welcome. Patrica Lightner now has an exploratory committee intending to file with the Federal Election Commission as soon as her campaign reaches the $5,000 limit in contributions or expenditures triggering that required filing. John Sevaly also has announced intentions to also campaign for the primary election and hopefully he will also soon meet the FEC threshold. To date, the only candidates meeting the threshold for filing with the FEC are the incumbent and myself. See

One of my goals as an experienced congressional candidate is to ensure all GOP congressional candidates remain focused on our common goal of finally getting a better congressman for the 3rd District than the current incumbent who refuses to even meet with those he represents related to health care reform. The current incumbent claimed he was a Blue Dog (Fiscally Conservative) Democrat. From what I have observed, he only alleged to be a fiscally conservative when the Democrats were the minority party. Now that the democrats are in the majority, I guess the incumbent changed his mind about being able to allege he was a fiscal conservative. After being in office for 10 years, does anyone really believe the incumbent's claim to be a fiscal conservative?

We don't.

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