Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of my first bills that I would introduce as a congressman

In our nation, we are lacking transparency and accountability from our own federal government and many corporations in America.  Therefore, with honor and privlidge, one of the first bills to bring jobs back to America, that I would author and introduce to the United States Congress is titled the following:

Government, Corporate and Business Accountability Act of 2013.

It is the stated purpose of this legislation that to return jobs to America, we should reward those entities that promote and have jobs including call centers located here in America, instead of contracting their call center operations to the cheapest source of labor, anywhere in the world.  Further, this act promotes and protects our private and confidential data that in the hands of the wrong nation could threaten and place our national security at risk. 

1. This would make our own federal government return to publishing in their agency organizational charts, telephone contact information clear to the Secretary level.  It is never good for a nation when our nation's federal agencies refuse to publish and make available the people that run the various federal agencies.  Why would our own federal government hide from us, the taxpayers, their contact data?

2. Require all government, corporate and businesses (excluding small businesses) from clearing identifying the name of their company, their location, US or foreign, disclose whether they are a 3rd party call center and clearly identify themselves and the person they report to with full disclosure, upon request by the caller. 

There are far too many governments and corporations in America that want to hide from us, the taxpayers and the customers who is the top level official accountable for their respective purpose.

3. Prevent non-domestic foreign countries from contracting for telephone services for all corporations and businesses doing business in America.  We as nation are losing many jobs to foreign call centers.  Further, this practice of hiring companies outside of America to handle certain transactions outside the United States not only takes jobs out of America, with all that data, it represents the potential for harm to our national security interest.

4. Prevent marketing companies, alleging to be calling on behalf of a non-profit entity to not circumvent the federal and state do not call lists.

5. To save lives, all governments, federal, state, county and local must implement a telephone system that incorporates voice response unit on, or before January 1, 2014.  This will bring many entities into full compliance with the intent of, and by the mandate of the United States Congress to make telephone systems compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Title 42, United States Code, Sec. 12101.

6. Require auto manufacturers to only produce automobiles with a voice response telephone system in new auto production to help save Americans from harm and injury caused by those individuals whom use cell phones while driving that subsequently causes accidents.  This section alone will result in saving American life-one of my jobs as a candidate for United States Congress.

7. Any government, corporation or large business in excess of 30 employees that employs and contracts telephone services outside of the United States of America must pay a federal tax to the International Revenue Service each quarter based on total revenues reported by that entity until such time as that entity continues to contract services outside of the United States, while concurrently conducting business operations in our nation.

8. Any government, corporation or large business in excess of 30 employees must have a person available to be contacted thereby ending those entities that rely on technology and equipment to hide from a United States citizen, the ability for a taxpayer or a customer of said entity force us to be unable to communicate with a human being of said entity.

9. All governments including their departments and agencies, as well as all corporations and large businesses in excess of 30 employees, must publish on the internet their organization chart for their officers and managers including the top layer naming the specific individual with that person's contact information for the sole purpose of transparency and accountability on or before January 1, 2014.  Any entity that fails to do so, is prohibited by this act from engaging in interstate commerce here in the United States of America.

Our purpose in introducing and enacting this legislation is to ensure jobs in America stay here, or jobs that have been contracted to foreign nation's stop doing so, on behalf of the people of the United States of America.

SPONSOR: Thomas E. Scherer.

Any constructive and positive suggestions to improve this act, please email Mr. Scherer at

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