Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Throw out the bums-Get even with the politicans in Washington-Send Scherer there!

Are you tired of all the political posturing in DC?
 If you agree, Scherer and you are a lot alike.

Now, if you are a angry citizen of the US, Scherer is too.
So, that is the second  thing you have in common.

Are you a United States citizen that our country to unite
like we did when Reagan was our President?
Scherer does also. If so, that is third thing you have in common.

Are you sick and tired of a rotten federal government bureaucracy?
Really?  Scherer is too.

So that is the a whole bunch of things voters agree with Scherer,  Matter of fact, most of America (except for the super-rich who dislike Scherer) agree.

Just ask the Koch Brothers in Wichita, Kansas.
The Koch Brothers hate Scherer because he knows the game they are playing.

Do you want a statesman focused on what is best for our nation, regardless of party party and zany leadership like Nancy Pelosi?

Are, do you want more of the same old rhetoric, election after election. Scherer is looking hard for anyone close to being a statesman.  Where have they all gone to?

Are you getting tired of always paying more taxes, at the federal, state, county and local level, no matter how much you earn and the government takes away more and more, like an ever-expanding black hole located near he Twilight Zone close to some kind of Bizzaro Socialist State?

Scherer is tired of of almost 100 years of ever-expanding US government led socialism infringing on the sovereignity of the several states-a new world order.  Where priority jobs that impact our national security interest are placed globally, for the cheapest slave labor available.  And we do business with China-our enemy?  Give me a break.

Scherer was known in Kansas as the energizer bunny of Merriam, KS politics.  For good reason.  Scherer is a passive-aggressive bipolar that on top of that, is obsessive and compulsive about our nation.  Scherer also has anxiety and degenerative back diseases, and other ailments, gags on his dentures, and has had a crapload of pro se cases all over America fighting for your constitutional rights.

Scherer knows what it was like living on seven thousand a year.  Scherer truly understands poverty.  And if you are one of those, Scherer gets it.

If you really are upset by the DC establishment---just like Jimmy Stewart--get even with the federal agencies and yahoo DC politicans by sending a passive-aggressive, OCD person on an, arse kicking sojourn=send for once, a statesman named Scherer. 

Can it get any worse, with the yahoos we have in DC now?  As Obama fans like to state, yes it can.  They are not listening.  Scherer is listening though.  

Scherer will drive the bureaucrats crazy in DC.  As well as all over the nation that want your hard-earned tax dollars for their special pet pork projects and for their crony special interests groups keep greasing their campaign coffers in return for your tax dollars.  Should you be pissed?  Darn straight.  Get even.   Scherer merely wants a job with you hiring him as your employer.

Get even-hire Scherer to be your next United States Congressman.  

Scherer promises he will hated in Washington for going up against the rich and powerful, that have brought our nation to a total economic collapse.  Hold the incumbents accountable.  Anyone that wants your vote, ask them wtf have you done to earn my vote, before the election.  One's past may be a good predictor of what someone will do, post-election..

Ditto. Ask Scherer why he deserves to go to DC.  Scherer has been pissed on long enough.  Now it his turn to be the pisser. 

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