Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Blah-Blah Politican and other words defined

My finance and I have adopted a word called blah-blah.  In America, we call blah-blah politicians as being rhetorical; or alternatively, full of rhetoric (bs).  Talk, but no action-unlike Scherer. 

Scherer takes so much action to earn your vote.  Soon, Scherer will be docketed a case as suggested by Rachel Maddox with the ACLU National HQ in NYC to take on the horrible and unconstitutional "rocket docket" right here in Lee County, FL,  in the 20th Judicial Circuit.

Further, more than merely the 20th Judicial Court, aka "rocket docket", Scherer is taking 21 court cases in Kansas and Florida, clear to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Scherer most certainly is not a blah-blah person.

As contrasted to some money-grubbing, lying scaliwag attorney that is more akin to the scum of the earth. Like Todd Allen. Or as we refer to people like Allen, shark bait. Except sharks are not particularly fond of scum, either.

This will be my ninth attempted or actual docketed case before SCOTUS.  SCOTUS likes me because I fight for people's constitutional rights.

Now typcial at SCOTUS, 10,000 cases are submitted.  So the odds seem pretty hard to get judicial review of an important case by the Supreme Court.  However, to To date, I have docketed 3 out of 8, and prevailed on my first case (1999), the second was dismissed (2003); and the 3rd was against the United States and Merck, the evil drug company.  The third docketed case was giving judicial review on September 24, 2007. 

Another scumbag lawyer failed to pay 100 dollar filing fee and submit a one-page application and I would have been sitting before all the Supreme Court justices.  On October 1, 2007, SCOTUS dimissed 2 out of 26 cases.  Mine was one of them. 

The issue before SCOTUS in the 2007 petition was distilled down to how the United States infringed on the sovereignity of the state of Kansas.  This docketed case is the same thing--how federal officials including judges and a standing trustee named Jon Waage (who sucks) are infringing on the sovereignity of the state of FL.

This docketing with SCOTUS will include two cases at the Florida Supreme Court on several violations of due process and equal access to the court system; and one case before the Kansas Supreme Court (real estate taxes on behalf of all homeowners in Kansas).

Scherer is also going after several other blah-blah people like the Govenor of Florida, the Florida Attorney General, the Florida UnHuman Rights Commission and other state officials that are blah-blah.

At the federal level, Scherer is going after the US Department of Justice which sucks, the IRS which sucks, and several other federal officials that like the federal agencies, also suck.  We have in this nation too many federal agencies that suck.  So, I tend to agree with Ron Paul, candidate for President. 

So clearly, I am doing my job fighting for your United States, Florida and Kansas Constitutions; and all laws derived thereof. 

Finally, I have some good news and some bad news.  Good news is that I am engaged to marry Olympian Nzaeli "Queen" Kyomo May 19th, 2011 here at our local church in Fort Myers.  Second, Queen is going to be responsible for reaching out on empowering women, both here domestically and internationally. 

Then, around January 21, I am tenatively scheduled to go to Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.  Part of that effort will be my best efforts to brings jobs and economic prosperity to the United States when I get the opportunity to meet with the President and his first lady, Kilwete in Tanzania.  I am going to Uganda to meet with international religious leaders conference.  Then, meet with the US Ambassador in Naorabi, Kenya.  So, I am kind of busy here in the first part of 2012. 

Good.  So help me God.

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