Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forced Health Insurance-What about our freedom?

All Americans would be required by law to have health insurance under his proposal, Obama said. He noted the requirement would be similar to mandatory auto insurance in most states and also would mandate businesses to either offer health care coverage to workers or contribute to covering their costs of obtaining coverage.

Is this what a consensus of the voters of the 3rd District expect? The federal government telling us Kansans what we must do?  What about our sovereignity as a state?  What about your rights as individual?  Who loses when the federal government forces us to have health insurance?  Don't we all lose?

Who wins?  If not the drug and insurance lobbyists?  Don't the providers of health care win?  Don't the state governments win? Forced health insurance merely makes it clear why President Obama had that secret meeting with the health and insurance lobbyists a few months ago. 

Clearly, the loser here is you, the individual as the federal government has gotten so desperate, they have decided they are going to tell you, the individual, what you have to do.  What is happening to America?  Are you in the 3rd District going to stay silent as the federal government forces you to get health insurance?  Whether you like it or not.

Going forward, are we also going to be forced to accept cap and trade next?

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